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Wanna be a Grid Girl for Halloween?

Now you can! The Turkish grid girl uniform is super easy to replicate… and there won’t be any worries about the super body conscious outfits! All that’s needed is a white tank top (with appropriate copycat badges), red short shorts, a really large red beaded necklace/bracelet combination (possibly stolen from the Flintstones or a 10 year old girl), oversized red sunglasses, and white peeptoe pumps (don’t forget the heel is black… but you can easily paint it or draw on it with a Sharpie). Oh and don’t forget the red lipstick!

Seriously though… I’m not sure what to think. Sure, this uniform is “anti-typical-grid-girl.” But it’s so… ORDINARY, normal girls dress like this all the time! In addition, somehow the whole getup looks kind of cheap? Maybe it’s the patches/badges. The tank top looks more like an item you buy at the “fan goods section” for 20 euros rather than some type of uniform.

I don’t know, I feel kind of ambivalent about this. On one hand, this type of outfit is more flattering for most women. Then again, grid girls are not “most women.” They are supposed to look good anyways.. it’s their job? I don’t know what to think… thank goodness it’s time to talk about Montreal now.


Chandhok’s Thousand Year Old Surprise

Just kidding. “Thousand year old” eggs look like this:

They are actually preserved duck eggs and are quite delicious by the way…

Chandhok was photographed with this egg in Turkey:

Did anyone else think “wtf” when they saw this? Or maybe people were laughing (like I was). Chandhok just looks kind of stupid here with his egg. Clearly he is not F1 Top Model material. He’s got to learn “how to sell the egg.” I hope that egg is hard boiled… or preserved…or fake. I can’t imagine that thing surviving travel around the different tracks. nekoball said Chandhok’s egg reminded him of Kinder eggs* (aka Kinder surprises). Perhaps in a way Chandhok’s egg IS a Kinder egg. Luck is supposedly stored in it?

* I admit… I didn’t know what a Kinder egg was. 😦 I had to wiki it. I think it’s funny (and sad) they are banned in the USA. USA is so boring and annoying sometimes.

Edit: I’ve discovered the egg is rubber. Thank goodness?

The Doll has Returned to the McLaren Garage

Since Dancing with the Stars is over, Nicole Scherzinger has returned to the McLaren garage. I was sad because I had enjoyed her absence from the garage. HAHAHA. I found her extremely airheaded and annoying last season. I hope her fans won’t kill me… Anyway, to my surprise, I thought she wasn’t too bad in Turkey. Hmmm…maybe I’ve grown more tolerant of her? Though I have to say I did not like how she just strolled up to DC, EJ, and JH post-race and started yapping. Anyway, let’s have a look at what she wore in Turkey.

Nicole was wearing this tribal inspired cream colored dress. While I like the concept of the dress and the overall color scheme of turquoise, coral and antiqued bronze, I find the overall execution to be bad. There’s just too much embellishment, and it’s ugly to boot. Or should I say, it’s just not my taste?

If you take a closer look… you’ll see this dress is unflattering. It makes Nicole’s hips look wider than they actually are and shortens her legs.

On race day, Nicole was seen in a dip dye maxi dress and silver flip flops. I liked the colors of the dress, especially the red toned purple. Nicole also has the body to pull off a maxi dress. Most women tend to get overwhelmed in them, but not Nicole. Her red manicure and pedicure were fun and bright.

Nicole was wearing Gucci sunglasses on both days, they look like the GG2846S model. The bag she used is the Treesje Jovi Cross body bag, which retails for $365 USD. A blue one is on sale right now at

I’ll leave the readers with this animation which I found on planetf1 forum:

To be honest I laughed at her reaction and then thought “ooooh NICE HAIR.” I wonder what brand of shampoo/conditioner/hair masks/protein packs Nicole uses. -_-;;; Anyway to sum it up Nicole had one miss this weekend… I guess it’s not too bad?

A Hydrated Lewis is A Happy Lewis

Lewis is usually seen with his ubiquitous McLaren Vodafone water bottle. I think there might be as many photos of his water bottle as there are of his girlfriend Nicole. Like all other drivers, he knows the importance of staying hydrated. But what other driver looks so happy staying hydrated? haha. Hmm… I wonder what he is drinking, it’s orange color. Whatever it is, I hope the color is not as potent as the stuff in Rockstar energy drink… I remember the effects that had on my bathroom trips during an event sponsored by Rockstar. Sorry, TMI right?

Transformers… Kini in Disguise???

02/06/2010 2 comments

Some of you may be thinking, what’s so special about this photo… it’s just Vettel running around again. The answer is… look at the t shirt. No, I don’t care about the “Kini” brand. I’m more interested in the logo design of this shirt. Does it remind you of anything? It certainly reminds me of the Transformers logo. Don’t believe me?

Here’s the Transformer’s logo:

Interesting, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me again.

Fabiana Plays it Super Safe in Turkey

This is my first post about Fabiana Flosi, the girlfriend of Bernie Eccelstone. She was wearing a bland navy outfit on Thursday:

Navy blue boatneck t-shirt… navy jeans that are too long for her legs… The only semi interesting thing about her outfit are her shoes, and they’re not even that interesting. I’m not sure, but I think those might be Moschino flats (possibly from the Cheap and Chic line).

Fabiana was slightly more interesting on race day. She wore a coral hued Missoni tunic with white jeans and bronze platform peeptoes. Those peeptoes MIGHT be Christian Louboutin, but the tell tale red sole is hidden in the shadow (and I don’t really care enough to find a higher resolution photo).

So what do we think? Was it worth leaving Slavica? Maybe Fabiana is playing it safe in terms of clothes because she doesn’t want to be overly flashy. Or maybe she’s a low maintenance nice girl? Maybe…

If you want to purchase a tunic very similar to Fabiana’s you may do so for ~$580 USD at

Vivian Sibold : Bright Eyes Blue Denim

31/05/2010 4 comments

Though technically her eyes were covered by Ray Ban aviators. 😉 Vivian wore a denim bustier dress on race day this past weekend. The dress was cute, I like the neckline of the dress, which can be seen in more detail in this photo:

The handbag Vivian was using is a YSL Muse in the medium size. Due to the shadow, it is difficult to determine the color of the bag. My guess is chocolate brown, but it could be black as well. Vivian was also wearing open toe grey espadrilles with a sort of rosette detail.