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Say You Love Me

13/10/2011 1 comment

Now here’s an idea for the rabid fans of F1. Proclaim your love for your favorite driver with a tote bag. These two fans apparently love Petrov and Algersuari. Good choices ladies! The Petrov fan better watch out though… he moonlights as a serial killer I hear! Although I have nothing against certain drivers, I would probably do a double take if someone was sporting a “I Love Barrichello” or “I Love Liuzzi” tote. =X

Would you like strangers to know who your favorite driver is? Whose name would you want on your bag? Perhaps a name isn’t good enough… a photo is worth a thousand words after all:

Don’t Destroy My Sweater

07/06/2011 3 comments

Liuzzi seems to be inspired by senior citizens these days. First there was the lovely floral stole he wore at testing. And now… he has draped a sweater over his shoulders like a senior:

Seniors can be chic, just take a look at the blog Advanced Style. But perhaps this time Liuzzi was inspired by Petrov instead?

It’s quite possible, do let me know what you think. 😉

Renault likes sparkley things

04/04/2011 5 comments

By now, I’m sure that people have already gotten wind of Renault’s latest announcement: Nick and Vitaly will be using sparkling golden suits on race day in Sepang.

Am I the only one frightened by this? I’m not a fan of gold in general, but for some reason I’m imagining Heidfeld and Petrov sparkling like the bad CG in the movie Twilight. I will admit to have read the book Twilight. In my defense, it came highly recommended by a coworker who I thought was moderately intelligent. So boy was I surprised when it was absolute drivel. I will also admit I watched the movie just to see how bad it could be. The answer of course, was very very bad. At least it was on NetFlix? ~_~;;;

Please tell me I’m not alone and that pop culture has ruined you too. 😉 Petrov could make a rather convincing vampire though, don’t you think? Haha… first a serial killer… and now a vampire. What will I think of next for poor old Petrov? Who knows.

Oh dear… Just another picture of Edward and Bella… umm I mean Petrov and Maria Morgun. LOL

Running man

16/03/2011 4 comments

Petrov and Vettel were both spotted jogging around the track recently. So of course… the natural way my brain works is:

Whose outfit do you prefer? When it comes down to it, I suppose the real question is whether you prefer Petrov’s tighter workout pants or Vettel’s track pants. =X

As far as posture goes, Petrov seems to have slightly better posture and a smile. Perhaps Petrov really is trying to be a Top Model of F1 this year? 😉

Murder Wears a Friendly Smile

15/02/2011 5 comments

It’s common knowledge that Vitaly Petrov at times looks very much like a hit man, serial killer, or what have you. Maybe not… I’m not quite that influential. 😉 But fair is fair and I came across some photos of Petrov at Jerez where he looked *gasp* FRIENDLY!


See, it’s not so bad. Like the quiet before the storm … or before he reaches for the concealed gun and shoots you me. =X

Just kidding… Petrov is in the middle of photographing an advertisement campaign*:

How did he do? I think Petrov did a fine job. The watch he wore was the TW Steel Chronograph Tech 45mm Black PVP case TW128, which retails for about $750 USD. I’m not really sure I like the combination of brushed steel and black rubber, but I’m not a man and I don’t “get” men’s watches anyway.

Here are some photos for watch aficionados :

I do think their packaging leaves much to be desired. It’s so… utilitarian. Ick.

images:, google, JR Dunn Jewelers

* Disclaimer: Figuratively speaking (writing?)

Who’s That Lady (Reprise)

04/02/2011 6 comments

Remember when I didn’t know who Petrov’s lady err manager was? Well, it has happened again. I don’t know the lady who was with Petrov at Valencia.

But… I can tell you that she probably dyes her hair… and that she is carrying a Chanel GST with gold hardware in the above photo. For those unfamiliar with Chanel handbags, GST stands for Grand Shopping Tote and has an equally grand price tag of approximately $2400 USD. @_@

Anyone know who Petrov’s guest is? I’d be happy to be enlightened. 😡

Thanks to Sladex and @flic19 for letting me know this bottle redhead lady is Maria Morgun. 😉