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What to Wear : The Rosberg Edition Part I

23/02/2012 7 comments

Nico Rosberg had the honor of signing the golden book at his hometown, Wiesbaden, as reported by his webteam.

What does one wear on such an occasion? Let Nico Rosberg show us how it’s done. I present to you, Fashion Tips by Nico:

Be sure to click the image to enlarge, I even used Helvetica for extra emphasis~ 😉 I apologize for the bad grammar in Point #1… maybe when I get unlazy I’ll fix it. =X

Which of Nico’s top fashion tips will you gentlemen be following? For the ladies, which ones will you ahem… “recommend” to the men you know? 😉

Frankly Nico’s look seems to be awe inspiring to the children of his hometown. Check out this Nico-otaku:

There is even a Nico Rosberg Fashion Disciple:

White Heat

The photos from Singapore are already available… but I felt the need to finish up the material from Monza. Bear with the old material for a bit longer. 🙂

I normally don’t combine posts for girlfriends, but Isabell Reis and Jessica Michibata both wore white on race day at Monza.

Isabell’s dress was quite cute. The eyelet lace accents added a bohemian-peasant type of style to the dress. I normally don’t like bold earrings, but the earrings Isabell chose worked with the outfit. The shoes and belt also looked great with the dress.

Jessica’s race day outfit was probably my favorite from Monza:

Jessica usually wears dresses so I was happy to see her in separates for a change. The white camisole she wore was super cute, the pin tuck detailing gave the top a tuxedo shirt look. The skirt appeared to be a bandage type, which was sort of ordinary. However the stripes gave the skirt just a little more wow factor. Jessica’s accessories consisted of her usual: thin gold bangles, flat sandals, aviators, and a brand name bag.

Hot and Cold in Monza

21/09/2010 2 comments

Grey and pink happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. Grey and pink can be shocking and dramatic or quite soft and pastel like the pairing Jessica was wearing at Monza. Jessica’s overall look this time seems a bit mixed. She was wearing the usual short jersey dress and her favorite bag of the moment (Hermes Birkin). I also spy a black bra again. Jessica’s cream shawl was retired for Monza and in lieu of a soft pink one. However it does make one wonder a bit. Was Jessica cold at Monza? Is that why she was wearing the shawl? If so, why not just wear more clothing?


Maybe she just wants to be sexy for Jenson. Or maybe the temperature was warm (yes, I am too lazy to check the weather history from that time), but the air conditioner in the motorhome was overly strong? Who knows. All I know is that it’s just another typical outfit for Jessica. Luckily she wore something much more interesting on race day. That post is coming soon dear readers! 😉

Spa Round Up

I was planning on making individual posts for my remaining Spa content. However, I’ve had a case of writer’s block since my creativity is being siphoned off into designing at the moment. Hopefully the subsequent content isn’t too bad. 🙂

Jaime gets scarved:

Jaime was wearing a cotton scarf in Spa. If you look carefully, the pattern is kinda interesting, a sort of graphic plaid perhaps? Anyhoo these types of scarves are so trendy yet mainstream now. I know because I see certain grandmas sporting them too. Yeah. It’s not that I don’t like them… they’re just a tad common now!


Hey look it’s the battle of the square jaws. Webber vs Coulthard. Who will win? Whose jaw is more powerful? I duno… maybe Webber wins because evilness is fierceness?

Reubens’ 300 gp:

Though Reubens’ 300th GP was unlucky, there is a commerative t-shirt. If you weren’t lucky enough to win one from his twitter contest, it is available for purchase at There are two lengths available, short and long sleeve. They are a bit pricey however at 119-129 Brazil reals. The design also reminds me of a Subaru t-shirt from a couple years ago. If I get unlazy I’ll take a photo of it tonight. 😛

However, these shirts were super cute on his family, especially his children:

You can really see the family spirit, which is quite nice!

And what some people have been waiting for:

I expected more pictures of Jessica, but they were surprisingly hard to find. Jessica was seen on race day wearing a grey sweater, white skinny jeans, her reappearing cream shawl*, and pink ballet flats. It’s hard to tell what brand of shoes Jessica was wearing, but my best guess would be Repetto. It’s also good to see that her jeans are at the proper length… there is no severe ankle bunching in sight**. This is a very simple look to replicate (well, except for the Birkin of course, as that costs major $$$).

*This shawl has been seen before in Monaco and Shanghai

** I happen to think it looks ok sometimes, but I understand it’s a pain to hem jeans.

Yay, now it’s time for Spa. Hopefully there will be some interesting things to illustrate. 🙂

Lady in Red

03/08/2010 3 comments

Jessica Michibata was wearing another jersey dress on race day in Hungary. I wonder how many she owns? haha. This time her dress was red and it complimented her tanned skintone nicely. She paired the dress with a thick black patent leather belt and used her Birkin again. I don’t know how others feel, but tucking her necklace into the lowcut dress seemed a bit provocative to me.

For those who wish to recreate this look, a similar dress is available from the evil empire American Apparel for $36 USD:

A wide black belt is available at all price points from fast fashion chains to Gucci. I like this belt though is very different from Jessica’s:

Yes, the belt I prefer is a little S&M feeling …but it’s so cool and sexy. All right, it’s my personal love of zippers and buckles coming out. I admit it. 😛

Similar flat sandals should also be easy to find, though I personally do not like ones that wrap around my toes. =X

Are we bored of jersey dresses yet people? 😉

She’s Baaaack

29/07/2010 8 comments

I never really believed in all the news about Jenson and Jessica’s “breakup.” Who is to know what is reality? At any rate, did anyone miss her? Jessica was wearing a cream body conscious dress in Hungary. Did anyone else notice the BLACK BRA? Nothing can escape my eagle eye (uhh.. nyanko eye?)! Jessica also wore some delicate gold necklaces and gold gladiator sandals.

She was also toting a Hermes Birkin. I wonder if it was a gift from Jenson?

What do we think about her first outfit F1 outfit in months? I think it’s consistent with what Jessica has been showing us all season long.