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Paper Gangster?

31/08/2010 1 comment

heh. Unfortunately, that’s the first thing to come to mind when viewing this photo. The ring and earrings are just adding to the overall effect.

I suppose I shouldn’t be so judgemental, after all this pose could just be Lewis saying “Hey check out my ride the McLaren updates this weekend!”

Or not.


Does Christian Horner Live in a Glass House?

30/08/2010 2 comments

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or so the saying goes.

As much as I love the way Christian Horner makes fun of EJ’s semi questionable choice in shirts… perhaps he shouldn’t criticize EJ so much. After all, Horner is mostly seen wearing Red Bull team gear. There isn’t much thought required to pull a uniform outfit together!

When I finally see him in his own clothes… Horner appears to be equally questionable himself! For example, in Valencia, he had the most obvious crotch action going on. The pink windowpane shirt in Turkey was all right, but I’m afraid Horner is channeling a bit of EJ in this purple sweater combination.

So what do we think… does Horner have a right to judge EJ? Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Even Nando has bad hair days…

30/08/2010 5 comments

Yes, despite being crowned King of F1 Hair... Fernando Alonso had a case of bad hair days this weekend in Belgium. However, most drivers do have very very bad hair after taking off their helmets.

Being the objective person I am, I found some other photographic evidence of Alonso’s hair troubles in Spa:

This photo was taken prior to practice… so there was no interference from the pesky helmet. Perhaps the rain caused havoc with Alonso’s hair with all that humidity and such?

Poor Nando… let me fix your hair for you.

Don’t Count Button Out

I have posted many photos in the past of Lewis and his “top model” poses in front of the Vodafone logo. There must be something magical about that logo for Lewis, it just brings out his inner model. Though I often think he just looks like an emo kid. Or maybe it’s part of Lewis’ contract? hmm… food for thought. 😉

Jenson isn’t quite as photogenic as Lewis, but he certainly been stepping it up since Montreal. The photo above just illustrates my point further. Jenson should be able to pose in front of the Vodafone logo too. It isn’t half bad, right?

Don’t give up the fight for Top Model Jenson. Show the world how much you REALLY WANT IT!

The Name’s Kovalainen

Heikki Kovalainen.

Somehow, it just doesn’t sound as cool as “James Bond.” Perhaps there are too many syllables?

In any case… this 007 studded shirt was… uh… “interesting.” Heikki and Catherine seem to have a penchant for bling, don’t they? To be honest, it wasn’t THAT bad, but Heikki was captured in a SUPERB pose. hahahaha. Somehow, this just screams “Watch out for them guns*.” Sorry, that was the best I could come up with after looking at that workout photo.

* Don’t get what I mean? Don’t worry, Urban Dictionary to the rescue:
guns definition:
Biceps: the upper-arm muscles

Example of usage:
Oh shit! I got the shit coked out of me from that guy with huge guns.

The Renault Team Has Been Chopped

It seems that both Renault drivers have had their hair cut for Spa. Well, I’m not so sure about Kubica actually… Kubica’s hair could just be extremely flat in the following photo… but I’m pretty sure it’s shorter:

Petrov’s cropped hair makes him less of a killer, which is a good thing:

But, Petrov’s hair looks quite fluffy… sort of like a dandelion, don’t you think?

Raindrops on Roses and Hermes Birkins

These are a few of Jessica’s favorite things. 😉 Jessica wore a casual cotton knit minidress with black leggings on Thursday. This was a very typical outfit for her until your eyes travel down to her shoes. Or rather boots. Hunter rain boots that is.

I’m rather ambivalent about rain boots. Yes, they are practical. They are also very ugly, shapeless, unsexy and manly looking. Ladies with slim calves usually end up looking like they’ve worn dad’s boots by mistake. Look at the big gap between Jessica’s leg and the boot! She could swim in those boots!

Rain boots only look cute on small children and Paddington bear:

Honestly, unless there is a monsoon or heavy winds JUST SAY NO TO RAIN BOOTS.

I hope Jessica has some other shoes packed for the weekend.