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Don’t Forget About the Mother

09/08/2010 3 comments

We can’t let the wives and girlfriends of F1 have all the fun now can we? Felipe’s mother looks quite stylish here with her white jeans, chunky belt, flowy tank top, gladiator sandals, and Prada tote bag. The tote Massa’s mother was using was the Prada Lux Brief Tote. It retails for $1530 USD. I love how simple her jewelry is… not overdone at all. yey. 🙂


Viviane Senna is Fierce!

Viviane Senna was spotted in Hockenheim this past weekend… and man she looked FIERCE! There’s no better way to hide your emotions than behind a pair of oversized sunglasses, but I imagine her shooting lasers out of her eyes. =X Maybe it was the sunglasses and the bob… but she seemed to channel a little Anna Wintour, no? The bold red trench coat looked well on her coloring as did the gold hoop earrings. Smile Anna Viviane, Bruno raced on Sunday! 🙂