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I Wanna be a Billionaire

This is the third time Flabio has been seen in this polo, and he hasn’t even attended that many GPs this season! Remember Valencia and Monaco? Perhaps he only buys clothes for Elisabetta? Or maybe Flabio has five of these polos since he loves them so much?

Despite being Italian, perhaps Flabio doesn’t care about fashion? Maybe that’s the real reason.

Flabio is a Billionaire

27/06/2010 1 comment

Just like in Monaco Flaaabio has appeared on race day wearing a blue polo shirt. Hmm… it also appears that Flabio feels the need to declare his wealth too. This time he was wearing one that has “billionaire” embroidered on the logo. Um… yeah Flabio I know you’re rich but was it necessary to buy a polo with “billionaire” on it? Like duh, what a statement of the obvious! Maybe Flabio needs a necklace with some dollar signs on it so he can be ghetto fab? Maybe he needs some lessons from the hip-hop crowd.

I looked back to my Monaco Flabio post. HE IS WEARING THE SAME POLO. Maybe Flabio aint so loaded after all.

The Flab is Back

19/05/2010 2 comments

Our dear beloved Flabio* was spotted in Monaco. With his blue polo shirt, he almost looks just like “any other guy,” right? And with his blue lens sunglasses and regular glasses tucked in the shirt placket… he reminds me of Eddie Jordan. HAHAHA.

There’s nothing special about this really… I was just looking for an excuse to write about Flaaabio.* Say it with me… Flaaabio*. It’s fun right? Maybe those three guys in the background are calling him Flabio too!

* These are not typos. Though sometimes I almost forget his real name is Flavio. HAHAHA.

/unban -R #FIA flabio

Flavio Flabio Briatore’s lifetime FIA ban has been overturned. So will he return to F1?

I don’t really care if he does. After all, I will get to say Flaaaabio once more. But, I just hope I won’t see him in this way again:

I won’t post the OTHER notorious photo that goes along with this one. After all, it’s quite famous on those F1 forums… and it’s not exactly easy on the eyes…

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