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Sport Shoe Brights Appear in Hungary

30/07/2010 5 comments

Whilst reviewing the photos from Hungary… I had a new idea for another contest between drivers. Their casual sport shoes! Why didn’t I think of it before?

Let’s start with the king. We should give Schumi the proper respect afterall:

Schumi was wearing Adidas Boat CC in orange and white:

Next we have aspiring F1 Top Model Vitaly Petrov:

Petrov was wearing yellow and black Onitsuka Tiger shoes. These are much better than the gold and white shoes he wore at Hockenheim.

Vettel’s blue Pumas were significantly more subdued:

Of course there were other instances of bright shoes (Vettel’s red pumas, various drivers wearing gold shoes etc…) but this is the compilation for Hungary only. 🙂

So whose shoes were most wearable? Perhaps Vettel. But in reality I like Petrov’s shoes the most out of these three.

Top Model Walk Off

Oh what’s this? A Top Model walk off between Buemi and Alguersuari? haha, who is the Top Model of Toro Rosso? Sorry Buemi, I’ve gotta pick the Wolf Man Alguersuari!

They’re also wearing the same shirt in different colorways. Who wore the shirt better? This is a tough one! Jaime’s shirt looks a bit short while Buemi’s looks slightly baggier. As for the shirt itself, I prefer the white colorway as the geometric pattern is more visible*.

* yeah yeah… I’m a geometric lurver. So what?

She’s Baaaack

29/07/2010 8 comments

I never really believed in all the news about Jenson and Jessica’s “breakup.” Who is to know what is reality? At any rate, did anyone miss her? Jessica was wearing a cream body conscious dress in Hungary. Did anyone else notice the BLACK BRA? Nothing can escape my eagle eye (uhh.. nyanko eye?)! Jessica also wore some delicate gold necklaces and gold gladiator sandals.

She was also toting a Hermes Birkin. I wonder if it was a gift from Jenson?

What do we think about her first outfit F1 outfit in months? I think it’s consistent with what Jessica has been showing us all season long.

Lotus Bling Bling Shirt also Available in White!

29/07/2010 3 comments

Katherine Hyde was wearing the black colorway of this shirt in Silverstone. The bling bling shirt also comes in white. The white shirt seems to be more subtle, but maybe that’s just because the sun was behind her. It’s cute that she supports Heikki’s team so much!

As for Heikki… with that cap was he going for a surfer boy or rapper boy look? Maybe he was going for surfer boy since it was Quicksilver. His t-shirt was kind of funny. The text says “Iron Man” but the illustration is a stick figure playing golf. I guess it’s safe to say Heikki also likes to golf? @_@

Well, whatever. I don’t really care so much, the two of them look so cute together, all smiles! Oddly, the stick figure on Heikki’s shirt is also sporting a huge smile. 😀

Sunny Days are Here

29/07/2010 13 comments

Raquel brought some sunshine with her, just look at the cute yellow bag! In Sring/Summer 2009 Chanel released two yellow bags in two different leathers (caviar and lambskin). The caviar color name was 10C and the lambskin version was named Jaune. It’s a little hard to tell which one Raquel was using by the color since the bag is in shadow (10C is a warmer yellow while Jaune was significantly cooler). I’m guessing this is the lambskin one though. However I am not a rabid Chanel fan… so I could be wrong.

Raquel was also wearing Ray Ban plastic aviators and a beaded necklace. Her outfit was youthful and casual. I like the way she tied the belt, but it made the dress bunch up unattractively thus making a faux muffin top. This could probably be solved by belting the dress higher, perhaps at the natural waistline.

I wish there were some pictures of the shoes though… but I hope to see more of Raquel this weekend. yey!

Thanks to Melodie for the photos with Raquel’s shoes:

I’m trying to identify these shoes, but I’m not sure yet. They remind me of the Ann Demeulemeester buckle booties, but I don’t think they came in beige. Also the Demeulemeester booties have more straps than Raquel’s shoes. Arg! >_< A similar pair is available from Surface to Air:

Melodie has also identified Raquel’s dress, it is from La vie de Rosita. Thanks! 🙂

Raquel’s shoes may also be Sandro (thanks again to Melodie). Sandro is available at, but it seems the beige is out of stock now. For those who have trouble buying Sandro, consider Jeffrey Campbell shoes. JC always copies “hot shoes” from high end designers (Balmain, Ann Demeulemeester, Acne, Alexander Wang etc).

Leather and Stripes, oh my~

28/07/2010 2 comments

Nicole’s leather motorcycle jacket was delicious… I can practically feel the soft leather through my computer screen. heh. She kept the rest of her outfit simple and it worked. Except for that limited edition Balenciaga City. I don’t really understand why Balenciaga’s limited edition bags are usually ugly, but they are. The bag looks like some cheap burlap* (or eco-bag material) sewn together with various bits of leather.

* yea yea… it’s probably a cotton canvas or linen and NOT burlap. However the material cheapens the look and reminds me of a baja hoodie my dad bought in the 1990s.

A baja hoodie looks like this:

I also thought of ponchos: