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Happy Birthday Leo…

27/06/2011 1 comment

err… Nico. Since @FakeVivian asked to use the drawing I did last year for a blog entry, I thought I’d step it up and draw a new one. :p

So here it is… it’s a different style compared to last year’s SD-type:

Not quite accurate and I had to restrain myself from getting too into the eyes and lips. It’d be all too easy to make poor Nico look more like Britney than a man. 😛 Anyhoo I finished this just in time for Nico’s birthday… even in Europe!

Disclaimer: These type of drawings may give the impression that Rosberg is my favorite driver. This is not the case… I just haven’t attempted to draw many other drivers. =p

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Pat Fry’s Reservations

Poor Pat Fry, most of the photos I see of him lately are quite serious or squinty looking. His retinas are constantly assaulted by Ferrari Red after all. Just take a look in that garage: Wouldn’t you be dizzy too after being exposed to so much red… everywhere?

I think Pat and Stefano need to have a serious talk. =X

McLaren’s New Sponsor?

09/06/2011 2 comments

By now I am sure that everyone is well aware of McLaren’s race suit “design” competition. I use the term “design” loosely because it seems that the most horrible designs make it into production. Poor Lewis and Jenson. The “special” edition racing suit seen in Barcelona was particularly bad. Did anyone else think that the drivers looked like they had bananas for arms?

Perhaps McLaren had a one-time sponsorship deal with Chiquita banana? -_-;;;

Remember, if you want to win the McLaren contest and have your design produced, it seems like the uglier and therefore more eye-catching, the better! x_X


08/06/2011 3 comments

Is Michael Schumacher your style icon? If so, you can be like him with just a few key items! First you will need an ugly pair of Oakley sunglasses. The more obnoxious the color combination, the better! Remember, the frame color and lens color must clash! This is essential to looking like a REAL F1 driver.

Next, you’ll need a statement necklace. Stick to one or two of them, so these necklaces will become your TRADEMARK, just like Schumi. Remember, Schumi’s top pics: an elaborate cross or this tooth/claw thingy.

Although it wasn’t highlighted in the photo, it is absolutely necessary wear a tight t shirt, preferably a v-neck. On dressier days a collared shirt is acceptable but it must show some Schumi influence (think urban cowboy).

To capture the kingly essence of Schumi, you must incorporate dragons into your look. This is very important, it is a Schumi TM. He is the King of F1 and it has to be shown symbolically, hence his love of the dragon image. It can be anywhere… from a tattoo, embroideries on jeans, earrings, etc.. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, a dragon has to be there SOMEWHERE. This time Schumi has chosen a dragon buckle belt. Very East meets West I’d say.

Your Schumi look may be completed with the obligatory man bag (not shown here). Schumi has the dough to buy ones in luxurious skins, but leather will suit most people. For the vegans out there, there are nice leather substitutes which look quite realistic these days.

P.S. The lining of Schumi’s jacket looks awfully familiar. I dare say it may be the same brand as this t shirt he wore last year.

Don’t Destroy My Sweater

07/06/2011 3 comments

Liuzzi seems to be inspired by senior citizens these days. First there was the lovely floral stole he wore at testing. And now… he has draped a sweater over his shoulders like a senior:

Seniors can be chic, just take a look at the blog Advanced Style. But perhaps this time Liuzzi was inspired by Petrov instead?

It’s quite possible, do let me know what you think. 😉

Little Drummer Girls

07/06/2011 1 comment


While these girls do not qualify as “grid girls,” they were part of the entertainment provided by the Shanghai GP. Whoever designed these dreadful costumes should be shot. I’m not really joking here. Just look at it!!! Jesus the PVC shorts are not flattering at all, especially since they didn’t even fit properly. I mean, didn’t they check the samples for fit when they were made? Or couldn’t they have found some girls who could fill out the shorts (well, maybe not)?

Oh dear… there’s really nothing else to say but poor girls! The F1 season is long, but surely if I rank this outfit as #2 in terms of dreadfulness… can there even be a #1? We’ll have to see about it, won’t we? 😛 Korean GP, I have my eyes on you!!!

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For the Boys

02/06/2011 5 comments

Has anyone noticed Lee McKenzie’s necklines when she interviews various drivers? I have observed that Lee tends to wear lower cut tops when interviewing younger drivers. I doesn’t happen quite so often on the track. It tends to happen during the staged interviews that are on location (drivers’ homes, parks, whatever etc). Basically Lee’s casual wear choices tend to be lower cut during segments with younger drivers.

Some may be thinking “Oh come on now, thepitwalk’s really crazy now! It’s just a coincidence!” Perhaps, but Lee herself has stated that at times she takes advantage of her femininity. She is quite pretty, don’t get me wrong now. I just find it hilarious that it seems to happen quite frequently during interactions with younger drivers.

Now now… it wouldn’t be thepitwalk without some evidence, so I have prepared some screenshots from the Shanghai GP, complete with dialog. Do enjoy. 😉

Article #1:
Lee McKenzie interviews Nick Heidfeld, a reasonably attractive driver… albeit one of the older set…

photos: screencaps by moi

Now, please make a direct comparison with Article #2: On the same day, Lee McKenzie also interviews Sebastian Vettel, who happens to be a hot* young driver of the moment.

* disclaimer: I do not find him “hot” but many do, so there it is.

photos: screencaps by moi

Perhaps I haven’t won my case today… but worry not… there will be future articles to add to the evidence pile. I am sure of it.

P.S. All in fun. Lee is a good journalist, don’t kill me ok. T_T