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17/10/2011 3 comments

Was anyone else appalled at the Korean grid girl uniforms? I’m sure we all remember last year’s Korean gird girl uniform right? If not, please have a look at last year’s post, here. For those that do not want a visual, last year’s uniform featured a “unique” cut out at the waistband which looked suspiciously like a thong. Yes. A thong.

The Korean GP seems to have re-hired the same designer because this year also features innerwear as outerwear. I love asymmetry and all, but 2011’s uniform now has a visible bra. Some of these girls also appear to be wearing ahem.. wonderbras? I guess this outfit is really designed with guys in mind because I do not find this appealing at all!!! There’s a bonus design detail in the form of a red bow on the bodice… is that supposed to make everything better by adding a bit of “cuteness”? Somehow, it just isn’t working!

Last year it was a thong. This year it is a bra. I can’t even imagine what the designer will come up with for 2012. (Hint, please find another designer).

It also seems they have reused the shoes from last year. Take a look:

2010’s shoes:

2011’s shoes:

The only difference is that 2011’s shoes have red soles a la Louboutin. Sorry, Louboutin-esque shoes does not make this uniform any better.

Better luck next year Korea? :/


The Russians (Grid Girls) are Coming

02/08/2011 3 comments

Is it just me or does this photo look vaguely militaristic? Hmm… maybe it looks more like a beauty pageant?

What I really wanted to focus on was not on the long-legged-freaks-of-nature-grid-girls. Let’s face it… they are freaks. Mere mortals do not have such long legs normally.

What really caught my attention were the ugly accessories. These aviator sunglasses are particularly tacky:

As if the blue reflective lens was not obnoxious enough, the Bavaria logo had to be stamped on the lens as well. I understand, it’s a sponsor, so there needs to be a logo SOMEWHERE. But, could it be a little smaller and more tastefully done?

The large Bavaria logo looks like the sample spectacles at an optical shop… you know when the brand’s logo is on the plano lens? For example:

And of course… who could miss the beer bottle high heeled shoes?

Well, I guess the shoes could be cool, if you like beer. As it is, I find beer to be a waste of calories and empty carbs. Yeah, I’m no fun like that. Seriously though, I don’t think most girls would like this type of heel, but I’ve been wrong before. If you feel otherwise, do let me know. 😉

Little Drummer Girls

07/06/2011 1 comment


While these girls do not qualify as “grid girls,” they were part of the entertainment provided by the Shanghai GP. Whoever designed these dreadful costumes should be shot. I’m not really joking here. Just look at it!!! Jesus the PVC shorts are not flattering at all, especially since they didn’t even fit properly. I mean, didn’t they check the samples for fit when they were made? Or couldn’t they have found some girls who could fill out the shorts (well, maybe not)?

Oh dear… there’s really nothing else to say but poor girls! The F1 season is long, but surely if I rank this outfit as #2 in terms of dreadfulness… can there even be a #1? We’ll have to see about it, won’t we? 😛 Korean GP, I have my eyes on you!!!

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Malaysian Grid Girl Uniform Gets Updated…

11/04/2011 3 comments

Well… barely.

In case you forgot, here is a photo of the 2010 uniform:

2011’s uniform is equally modest. I’m glad they got rid of the jersey cardigan that was accented with grandma’s lace doilies. They also got rid of grandma’s strappy sandals, which was an excellent choice.

However, it appears that Nando has noticed that the new shoes are just as hideous… a wide white platform wedge. Let’s examine them more closely:

I found an even “better” photo showcasing these shoes:

They’re a bit dated, no? It reminds me of the 90’s… and not in a good way.

The cropped jacket actually had potential to be cute… but the ribbon accents end up making the whole thing look gimmicky. In fact… the whole thing looks a little bit like an airline stewardess … or maybe even Gundam?

Perhaps the designer was influenced by Gundam… even Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy haute couture collection last year drew inspiration from Gundam. 😉

Australian Grid Girls Support Japan?


Well, this is probably not the case. I am sure Jayson Brunsdon designed the uniform well before the devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan. However, the red and white color scheme and vaguely belted color blocked midsection, makes me think of a kimono? Hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks this way (but who knows… maybe I am).

A cape/coat also accompanied the uniform, which was kinda cute (except for the fact that it was so red…):


Although I do have say… the grid girls looked sort of like matadors when they slung the coat over their shoulders:


The other two uniform options were MUCH MUCH worse. Don’t believe me? Have a look:


OH MY GOD. The sweetheart neckline dress looks like a BAD home sewing project. Kinda like what I made in Clothing Construction 1. LOL… jesus…. And what’s with the pockets on the other design? Do the girls need a place to stash driver phone numbers or something? 😛

Anyhow, it is important to remember Japan still needs help. Continue donation and support efforts! As I mentioned on twitter, I will be attending a charity event set up by my coworkers. So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area… I guess this is your chance to stalk me.

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The Korean circuit isn’t the only work in progress

24/10/2010 7 comments

This grid girl uniform has got to be one of the worst. I’m not trying to bash on Korea’s effort, but this outfit is just plain bizarre and unflattering.

What’s so bad about it? There are several issues, but the main offense is the horrid waistband of the pants. For some reason the designer thought it was a good idea to have a sort of “cut out” waistband for “sexiness.” Unfortunately the cut out makes the pants look unfinished, or worse yet… Ripped! The white part of the waistband also curves up and makes the grid girls with less than perfect abs look PREGNANT! Good lord, who designed this?

Here is a back view… it’s worse in many ways as the waistband gives the appearance of a faux thong. Ick, borderline trashy right?

One of my Twitter followers, xogenevaxo, also provided me with a photo of the ugly shoes that are part of the Korean grid girl uniform.

White shoes have the tendency to look cheap if they are not done right. These white shoes certainly look cheap, they are reminiscent of go-go dancer shoes… or worse yet… stripper shoes. What a perfect accompaniment to the love hotels. =x Red or black shoes would have been a much more tasteful choice!

However, to be fair… the espadrilles that the Spanish grid girls wear are also very ugly.

The Malaysian grid girls also wore white shoes that were boring and old fashioned.

So which shoes are worse? Would you rather have grid girls wearing stripper shoes, espadrilles, or grandma’s shoes?

It’s a Spanish Grid Girl Thing

I found the espadrilles that the Barcelona grid girls were wearing to be extremely ugly. And guess what?



I guess it’s safe to say that these white espadrilles are the official grid girl shoe of Spain. Maybe it’s because the espadrilles originated in the Pyrenees… I don’t know. But in any case, there are WAY cuter espadrilles than these ones!

Here are some examples :

Pony hair Louboutins:

More Louboutins:

OK… maybe it’s unrealistic to use Louboutins as part of a grid girl uniform… but surely some prettier shoes could be found.