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Are you HD ready?

15/01/2011 6 comments

F1 will be broadcast in HD this year. Hooray! Yeah! All the action will be so clear, it’s like a dream come true for motorsport fans.

So who is actually HD ready? I’m not talking about the HD television sets in your houses, I’m talking about the F1 circus. It should go without saying that the cars and action will look great. 😉

Let’s start out with the good (aka HD ready):

As I’ve pointed out several times on this blog… Lewis Hamilton has the most fantastic skin on the grid. He is most certainly HD ready:


Nicole Scherzinger’s hair will also be great in HD. Imagine it swishing around while she paces back and forth ever so dramatically in the McLaren garage:

photo: google images 😛

Super cutie Isabell will also be just fine:

photo: @IsabellDoreen’s twitter

It’s too bad the coverage doesn’t catch cute actions like this… but that’s okay I guess . 😛

I’m sure most fans will enjoy seeing Jessica Michibata:

image: ???

Nothing can ever be pure good… are F1 fans ready to see the leader… err I mean Bernie in HD?

image: google 😛

I’m not so sure I want to see Bernie in all of his “glory” in HD. I mean, high resolution digital images are bad enough anyway.

How about EJ’s shirts? Some say they are clown shirts… hmm…

image: ???

I suppose the silver lining is that my screen captures for 2011 will be much higher quality than 2010’s. ~_~

While EJ’s shirts are often a topic of controversy… I hope his infamous sweat will not be captured in HD for us:

image: ??? if this is your screen capture, let me know 😛

Is the world ready for John Button’s unbuttons?

image: getty

Alonso will need to take extra care to upkeep his eyebrows because we will be able to see any and all stray hairs:

What is everyone looking forward to seeing in HD this season? What scares you? Let me know via comment or twitter! 🙂


Don’t Forget About the Mother

09/08/2010 3 comments

We can’t let the wives and girlfriends of F1 have all the fun now can we? Felipe’s mother looks quite stylish here with her white jeans, chunky belt, flowy tank top, gladiator sandals, and Prada tote bag. The tote Massa’s mother was using was the Prada Lux Brief Tote. It retails for $1530 USD. I love how simple her jewelry is… not overdone at all. yey. 🙂

It’s Been Awhile John Button…

27/07/2010 3 comments

John Button hasn’t been appearing much on the broadcast (and photos)… maybe because Jenson hasn’t been winning lately*? Whatever the reason is, John Button was photographed in Hockenheim wearing a blue striped collar shirt and a casual cotton blazer. As much as I like stripes, I can’t ignore the fact that John Button still had too many buttons undone. I promised to call it out every time I notice it, so here it is.

I can’t possibly be the only one in the world who is bothered by this… no one really thinks he looks “sexy” right?

* Don’t worry dear John… the luck of the Button is strong. I’m sure things will turn around.

Broken Family

thepitwalk does not normally concern itself with F1 controversies. However, this time it’s just too much. Is this any way to treat the (former?) beloved son of Ferrari? Looks like Daddy Domenicali has broken the Ferrari Family. What’s with this stupid fake family portrait? Poor Felipe baby, he doesn’t even want daddy to touch him.

Fernando’s “celebratory” acts were a bit in poor taste as well… why spray Felipe with champagne? Just leave him alone and let him drink his own champagne. 😦

There might not be any more “happy Ferrari Family photos” anymore. =/

Two More Years of Constipation

Yep, we can all look forward to two more years of Constipated Man (aka Massa) in Ferrari Red*. There isn’t much to say… but don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way.

But, was there ever any doubt? I mean come on, just look at all the Happy Ferrari Family Photos! Big Daddy D will protect his lovely son. For sure, 110%!!!

* I wonder if he’s tired of seeing the red after so many years?

Ferrari Family Photo… Part 2

07/05/2010 3 comments

Aww, isn’t this sweet? Another happy Ferrari family photo! It just brings a smile to my face.

But wait… why is Big Daddy D sitting with Alonso*? Is it because he is now the “team leader”? Poor Felipe Baby looks a little put out, no? Just look at him trying to smile (it looks so STRAINED!). Poor baby… or is it the signature constipated expression that Massa has mastered?

Don’t worry Massa, you’re still the favorite son of Big Daddy D. I’m sure of it, so don’t be so emo and THINK POSITIVE for this weekend’s race.

If you have not seen the first Ferrari family photo of the 2010 season, check it out here.

* Side note… is that the Viceroy watch that Alonso was advertising? UGH their dumb campaign worked, I’m a slave to marketing. *bangs head on keyboard*