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Nico is #2…?

what do you mean im not top model

Ever since I knew about the Hamilton-Rosberg pairing at Mercedes I had been hailing it as the best looking team in F1. As a result, I was extremely pleased when Simon Lazenby made a similar announcement on Sky Sports’ F1 coverage awhile back. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly which race that was… as my brain is a mush at the moment. I was even conceited enough to think that perhaps he had drawn this “inspirational” comment from somewhere (you know… like this blog). LOL. Indeed, how conceited of me. Apparently Lazenby got this idea from his wife… and well, I do have to say it isn’t an overly original idea. Although I have been saying this ever since last year… so at least I was first? LOL.

Anyhoo, Nico is indeed #2 Top Model at Mercedes. I will admit that I have a Lewis bias, but I think it is quite fair to say that Lewis is far more photogenic. 😉 But perhaps you Nico fans out there think otherwise? If that’s the case, do find an unflattering photo of Lewis for me to laugh at. Drop me a line via twitter @thepitwalk or in the comments. 😉

P.S. Less rubbish posts to follow 😛


Whitmarsh sets the tone for McLaren

Whitmarsh is certainly no Ron Dennis. Yes, obviously. Under Whitmarsh’s leadership, McLaren is leading the way in the F1 Top Model Championship. Whitmarsh shows us that team principals can also model:

It appears that Whitmarsh has mastered the fashion blogger pose:

One hand on the waist
Head pointed slightly down whilst eyes are looking up
Uneven weight distribution on the legs

Oh my! It’s the infamous “Little Tea Pot” pose. Oh Whitmarsh, you amaze me. 😉

Looks like Big Daddy D (aka Stefano Domenicali) needs to step up his game. Afterall, there can be only one Team Principal Top Model.

Driver Spotlight : Jean-Eric Vergne

06/03/2012 2 comments

Since a few drivers from 2011 have been .. ahem.. replaced, I thought it would be nice to have a spotlight on some of the new faces on the grid. Of course, if you are looking for a biography, statistics, or analysis of their driving… you should probably head elsewhere (you know… like to a proper F1 fansite). Cuz this is thepitwalk, and this blog tends to focus on the superficial. 😉

So … what do we think about Jean-Eric Vergne? He’s no pretty boy, that’s for sure. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I can only think of Vergne as a Buemi replacement, especially with that backwards cap. 😛

Vergne seems to be fond of scarves, wearing them both on and off the track. Remember, a scarf is an absolute must for some F1 drivers (coughcough Rosberg):

Oh well, time will tell whether Vergne is F1 Top Model material or not. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say … not. 😉

Button beats his teammate …

03/10/2011 4 comments

No, no. I’m not talking about the F1 Championship points. As on thepitwalk, it’s something else entirely!

Well, I enjoy McLaren’s Top Model Challenges very much… in fact… I might be the only person to have ever heard of it. Perhaps some of my blog readers remember what this is too (hint: top model tag). For those who are confused, here is a short explanation: Hamilton is a photogenic driver, often posing quite dramatically (even bordering on the EMO side) in front of the Vodafone logo. Granted, most of Hamilton’s posing in the garage is not intentional… but it’s more fun to turn it into an episode of Top Model with Button as Hamilton’s direct competition. 😛

Apparently Button has not only beaten his Top Model teammate Hamilton, but a slew of other Britain’s finest men. Button was voted “Best Looking Man” in a women’s survey. For further details see the original article here

Interesting. I admit Hamilton’s New Look is not doing him any favors this year. His status as the Top Model of McLaren may be in danger. That facial hair stripe has definitely got to go:

Perhaps this win has Button confused as well?

So tell me dear readers. Do you agree with those 1500 women in the survey? Is Button indeed the best looking man in Britain? I think not… but apparently many think otherwise. 😉

Running man

16/03/2011 4 comments

Petrov and Vettel were both spotted jogging around the track recently. So of course… the natural way my brain works is:

Whose outfit do you prefer? When it comes down to it, I suppose the real question is whether you prefer Petrov’s tighter workout pants or Vettel’s track pants. =X

As far as posture goes, Petrov seems to have slightly better posture and a smile. Perhaps Petrov really is trying to be a Top Model of F1 this year? 😉

Don’t Count Button Out

I have posted many photos in the past of Lewis and his “top model” poses in front of the Vodafone logo. There must be something magical about that logo for Lewis, it just brings out his inner model. Though I often think he just looks like an emo kid. Or maybe it’s part of Lewis’ contract? hmm… food for thought. 😉

Jenson isn’t quite as photogenic as Lewis, but he certainly been stepping it up since Montreal. The photo above just illustrates my point further. Jenson should be able to pose in front of the Vodafone logo too. It isn’t half bad, right?

Don’t give up the fight for Top Model Jenson. Show the world how much you REALLY WANT IT!

Top Model Walk Off

Oh what’s this? A Top Model walk off between Buemi and Alguersuari? haha, who is the Top Model of Toro Rosso? Sorry Buemi, I’ve gotta pick the Wolf Man Alguersuari!

They’re also wearing the same shirt in different colorways. Who wore the shirt better? This is a tough one! Jaime’s shirt looks a bit short while Buemi’s looks slightly baggier. As for the shirt itself, I prefer the white colorway as the geometric pattern is more visible*.

* yeah yeah… I’m a geometric lurver. So what?