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Nico is #2…?

what do you mean im not top model

Ever since I knew about the Hamilton-Rosberg pairing at Mercedes I had been hailing it as the best looking team in F1. As a result, I was extremely pleased when Simon Lazenby made a similar announcement on Sky Sports’ F1 coverage awhile back. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly which race that was… as my brain is a mush at the moment. I was even conceited enough to think that perhaps he had drawn this “inspirational” comment from somewhere (you know… like this blog). LOL. Indeed, how conceited of me. Apparently Lazenby got this idea from his wife… and well, I do have to say it isn’t an overly original idea. Although I have been saying this ever since last year… so at least I was first? LOL.

Anyhoo, Nico is indeed #2 Top Model at Mercedes. I will admit that I have a Lewis bias, but I think it is quite fair to say that Lewis is far more photogenic. 😉 But perhaps you Nico fans out there think otherwise? If that’s the case, do find an unflattering photo of Lewis for me to laugh at. Drop me a line via twitter @thepitwalk or in the comments. 😉

P.S. Less rubbish posts to follow 😛


Why Big Daddy D Needs New Glasses

Everyone knows that Big Daddy D got new glasses in Shanghai right? While they were a great improvement over his previous frames, I think that Big Daddy D needs an upgrade. Why? Well… Norbert Haug has a very similar pair of glasses as well! I’m sure Big Daddy D can do better than Norbert, right?

Yes that’s right Stefano… I’m posting about you on twitter too. Now do something about it. 😛

Mercedes Drivers vs. Vanna White

02/08/2010 3 comments

For those who don’t know Vanna White, she is the puzzle board turner for the American game show “Wheel of Fortune.” She is known for wearing evening gowns and posing by the board like this:

So which driver did the best Vanna White impersonation at the Mercedes garage?

Schumi did a pretty decent job me thinks:

Perhaps Rosberg has the advantage due to being a blonde?

Have the Mercedes drivers have done Vanna White proud? Which driver did it best?

Ferrari Hurts My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Ferrari drivers posing like girls. The “girly pose” photo is actually in the Ferrari press room/media area. HAHAHA, it must be embarrassing for Alonso and Massa. Why have they photoshopped a CACTUS next to them? But that’s not the point of this post.

I have always thought that Italy and Italians were known for good design (e.g. fashion, furniture, etc)… but why does the Ferrari press room hurt my eyes so much? Why is there so much red and white (overkill!!!)? Why are the casings of the lights red? Is it really necessary to have alternating red AND white chairs AND stools? Just look at the “press wall” chock full of logos on the Ferrari Red background. It makes me dizzy almost. And let’s not forget the sickening amount of red in the team uniform worn by the staff and drivers. It’s bad enough just looking at this photo, I think my eyes would bleed in person. @_@

Poor Massa… maybe he’s not constipated after all. Maybe the years of Ferrari Red are making him dizzy too.

In contrast look at the minimalistic and clean Mercedes lounge. THANK YOU for being easy on the eyes.

Seen It All Before

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing actually wrong with this billboard. Really, I mean it! But the more you look at it… doesn’t it look like you’ve seen it all before? … hmm… but where?!

I’ve got the answer: and the MTV3 CM.

The photoshop treatments, the running, even the pose… it’s all very similar isn’t it? All MS needs is some dirt smudged on his face and to take off his track suit. Oh and a horse would be nice too, wouldn’t it?

Contests in the Mercedes Garage

A favorite “contest” I have when I watch F1 is to rate each group driver photos based on their grid position. I pick a winnar and losar for each group. Anyway… here is a similar contest for the Mercedes garage…

Before engaging in the contest… enlarge the photo by clicking on it. Stupid wordpress shrinks them down due to this template I am using.

Round 1: Who is the best looking in the Mercedes garage?
My winning pick: Nick Heidfeld. The contest was kind of stacked in his favor as I wouldn’t pick three out of those five. Hah. Sorry Rosberg… you might be younger and racing on the track this season, but Heidfeld is the winner here. Heidfeld looks so cute here, I just want to put him in my pocket. LOL ok….I realize this sounds a tad psychotic.

Round 2: Who has the most shirt buttons undone in the garage?
“Winner”: I actually had to do a double take, because the shirt looks a little bit different on each person. But the man in the garage with the most buttons undone is Nico Rosberg. Hmmm… interesting. Maybe he did it for the ladies? Or maybe he is learning from Eddie Jordan?!

Jens has got eyes on Lewis?

19/03/2010 2 comments

Looks like the two Mclaren drivers were semi-matching at the unveiling of the MP4-12C… Jenson’s tie is coordinating with Lewis’ suit. Haha. Both suits look like they fit well (well, they should… these two obviously have the dough to get a nice tailored suit). I wish there was a closer shot, I’m curious as about type of pattern/material of Lewis’ suit.

Jenson looks like he cleaned up a bit (yay no scraggly beard!). However, I’m not quite sold on Jenson’s wide spread collared shirt. Spread collars are supposed to be more flattering for those with slim builds and to be a little more ‘youthful and modern’ looking. Is this the work of a stylist? Probably not? His girlfriend Jessica Michibata? Perhaps… Hmm… I’m just not sure, maybe because Jenson’s head is turned here. Jenson gives off a vague schoolboy feeling, with his fingers crossed on his lap… eyes on Lewis and absolutely giving Lewis his utmost attention. HAHAHA