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Ferrari Hurts My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Ferrari drivers posing like girls. The “girly pose” photo is actually in the Ferrari press room/media area. HAHAHA, it must be embarrassing for Alonso and Massa. Why have they photoshopped a CACTUS next to them? But that’s not the point of this post.

I have always thought that Italy and Italians were known for good design (e.g. fashion, furniture, etc)… but why does the Ferrari press room hurt my eyes so much? Why is there so much red and white (overkill!!!)? Why are the casings of the lights red? Is it really necessary to have alternating red AND white chairs AND stools? Just look at the “press wall” chock full of logos on the Ferrari Red background. It makes me dizzy almost. And let’s not forget the sickening amount of red in the team uniform worn by the staff and drivers. It’s bad enough just looking at this photo, I think my eyes would bleed in person. @_@

Poor Massa… maybe he’s not constipated after all. Maybe the years of Ferrari Red are making him dizzy too.

In contrast look at the minimalistic and clean Mercedes lounge. THANK YOU for being easy on the eyes.

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