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Psycho Killer… Qu’est que c’est…

26/04/2010 2 comments

Before I get started I’d like to apologize to all of Petrov’s fans. When I first saw photos of Vitaly Petrov the word “killer” immediately popped into my mind. I don’t mean killer good looks either. He looks like a killer, literally. Petrov just has this weird aura and intense stare. I can see his photo on the “most wanted” serial killers list, famous for chopping his victims’ bodies into bits and hiding them in dolls or something.

Eeeeek. I feel the need to run away in fear and hide under my blanket now (just kidding).


Cuteness Explosion

I don’t normally include photos of random girls in the paddock for a few reasons. I have no idea who they are, most people don’t care about random girls unless they are “babes,” such “babes” don’t interest me, I don’t care about what they are wearing, etc etc. There are lots of reasons.

I have decided to include two random girls from Shanghai because cuteness is worthy of a post. For sure one way to get my attention is with cute character design. All too often the photos of females in the paddock/grid are focused on the “hot” girls, it’s what people expect. I wouldn’t say I died from cuteness overload (it takes a trip to Harajuku Kiddie Land for that to happen)… but I did enjoy the following photos.

This is not my favorite shade of green, but it is appropriate for the style of the garment and the piggie graphic (and of course it is quite eye catching to boot). The girl styled her hair casually in two loose plaits, it would be perfect at home or on a laid back weekend day.

This girl was a fan of Vettel, but I cropped him out since this post isn’t about him (sorry Vettel fans). Her yellow hoodie is just so fun! I like that weird guy with the vampire fangs and three eyes especially.

So there you have it. An explosion of cute graphic prints (which happen to be worn by girls).

Nico’s Tadpoles

As I was watching the podium drivers’ press conference on Sunday… I couldn’t help but stare at Nico’s eyebrows. They were tadpole (or.. umm sperm) shaped! Was it a case of over tweezing or waxing?

Many women also have this problem, they keep plucking their eyebrows until they reach this unattractive shape:

Looking at the photo of Nico above, I am a bit puzzled. The inner corner of Nico’s eyebrows are clearly denser and thicker than the rest of the eyebrow, which produced the “tadpole” effect that I observed in the video. Most people have either thick OR sparse eyebrows. But I guess you can have both at the same time too (it might be a sign of balding? I’m going to examine the eyebrows of all the guys in my office secretly to confirm this…)

I’m not really sure, but I did a bit of “research” on Nico and my only reasonable conclusion is: Nico just has bad eyebrows. Here’s an old-ish photo of him:

Nico just hasn’t been blessed by the eyebrow gods. Too bad Alonso’s hair is way too dark, otherwise he could give some of his extra eyebrow hairs to Nico. =X

John Button’s at it Again

hm… you know John Button has got a problem when even Legard has noticed his attire:

“John Button’s traditional race day attire… [pink shirt]…”
– Jonathan Legard

Maybe that’s why Button is so freaking lucky all the time. I don’t know what’s worse, John B’s pink shirt or Massa’s lucky underwear.

But seriously… doesn’t his sun damaged skin gross you out? Maybe I’m being overly dramatic about it, but I live in a place where organic food, recycling, and sun protection are king. This wouldn’t be so bad if he just buttoned up his shirt… my poor eyes.

Get Jessica’s Look for Less

Jessica Michibata was photographed in these black glasses in Shanghai. I don’t really like these because they remind me of safety glasses. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

For the lazy I have a photo here:

So yeah, if you like the look of Jessica Michibata’s glasses but are too cheap to buy a real pair of glasses, get a pair of safety glasses. But do you really want to look like a lab rat? haha.

Chilly Weather Dressing

18/04/2010 4 comments

Jessica was dressing more for comfort on Saturday. She was seen wearing a sweater dress and black tights with black patent leather flats. The bottom of the soles look worn a bit, so it’s nice to know Jessica isn’t prancing about in heels all the time. The cream colored shawl looks rather cozy as well, it makes me want to hand her a cup of hot chocolate. haha. Women who want to dress comfortably should take notes… being comfortable does not require one to wear pajamas, track suits, Uggs, or flip flops* in public.

* I see this kind of thing all the time. It’s pretty gross… Wearing these things around the house is fine, but when in public people should make an effort to not look like a slob.

Jessica’s race day attire was very similar. She wore another grey sweater-dress with black tights with short cowboy boots. The cowboy boots have a cute pink interior lining.

A as in Apple

17/04/2010 1 comment

B as in… boy? Can’t be. He’s way too old to be a boy. B as in… Bernie? Hm, maybe that’s it. The B on Bernie’s “varsity style” jacket MUST be fore Bernie. I’m sure it’s for security purposes. Just in case someone doesn’t recognize him or know who he is. (yeah right… who doesn’t know the face of Gollum… ahem… Bernie. Maybe he’s in denial and is wishing for the years of his boyish youth…)

Unfortunately what Bernie has on underneath the jacket is totally unflattering. Have a look:

Why are the clothes so baggy? Well, I guess I don’t want his shirt to be too tight, I still remember his yucky potbelly scene from Bahrain. Maybe his young Brazilian girlfriend should give him some fashion tips…