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Cause I’m the Icecream Man

25/01/2012 3 comments

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a bit late… so I could even say Happy Lunar New Year… yep that is indeed how late I am. @_@ It’s been quite awhile since my last blog post, and I since I hate excuses, I won’t write any on the blog. 2012 is a new year and I’m sure there will be many exciting topics for this blog.

Deciding on the first post of the year was challenging since there is already so much “good stuff” to share with everyone! But in the end, my love for the icecream man Kimi Raikkonen has won out. The news of Kimi’s return to F1 is so 2011, but some things must still be said~ 😉

While everyone associates flatcaps with Kimi now… let’s take a look at the not-so-distant past and the evolution of Kimi’s flat cap style at Ferrari:

Kimi used to be just like all the other boys, with the extremely rounded/bent bill:

After awhile… it kinda got a lil flatter… All right, this is a bit of stretch I know since it’s a podium cap 😛

And of course… the look we all know (and possibly hate depending on your satorial preferences):

I haven’t spotted any photos of Kimi in a Lotus flatcap yet… but he appears to be sorely missing them:

Not having a flat cap is a grave matter … it merits a serious discussion with team members:

Aforementioned ugly sunglasses have been spotted. If you want to replicate Kimi’s style, he is wearing the Oakley Dispatch II Aviator which retail for ~$120 USD:

Bonus helmet photo… anyone else think it should say ICECREAM? -____-;;;

Yes… for better or worse thepitwalk is back blogging. 😛