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Watch out for the old bucks

To quote Barrichello, “The young bucks should watch out for the old bucks.” It went something like that, I may have gotten it slightly wrong.

Indeed, it looks like Old Buck Barrichello is trying to compete with them young bucks (e.g. Rosberg, Buemi, etc). Is Reubens too old to wear his hat like this? I guess it looks okay… for an old buck. =x


Spa Round Up

I was planning on making individual posts for my remaining Spa content. However, I’ve had a case of writer’s block since my creativity is being siphoned off into designing at the moment. Hopefully the subsequent content isn’t too bad. 🙂

Jaime gets scarved:

Jaime was wearing a cotton scarf in Spa. If you look carefully, the pattern is kinda interesting, a sort of graphic plaid perhaps? Anyhoo these types of scarves are so trendy yet mainstream now. I know because I see certain grandmas sporting them too. Yeah. It’s not that I don’t like them… they’re just a tad common now!


Hey look it’s the battle of the square jaws. Webber vs Coulthard. Who will win? Whose jaw is more powerful? I duno… maybe Webber wins because evilness is fierceness?

Reubens’ 300 gp:

Though Reubens’ 300th GP was unlucky, there is a commerative t-shirt. If you weren’t lucky enough to win one from his twitter contest, it is available for purchase at There are two lengths available, short and long sleeve. They are a bit pricey however at 119-129 Brazil reals. The design also reminds me of a Subaru t-shirt from a couple years ago. If I get unlazy I’ll take a photo of it tonight. 😛

However, these shirts were super cute on his family, especially his children:

You can really see the family spirit, which is quite nice!

And what some people have been waiting for:

I expected more pictures of Jessica, but they were surprisingly hard to find. Jessica was seen on race day wearing a grey sweater, white skinny jeans, her reappearing cream shawl*, and pink ballet flats. It’s hard to tell what brand of shoes Jessica was wearing, but my best guess would be Repetto. It’s also good to see that her jeans are at the proper length… there is no severe ankle bunching in sight**. This is a very simple look to replicate (well, except for the Birkin of course, as that costs major $$$).

*This shawl has been seen before in Monaco and Shanghai

** I happen to think it looks ok sometimes, but I understand it’s a pain to hem jeans.

Yay, now it’s time for Spa. Hopefully there will be some interesting things to illustrate. 🙂

A Clark Kent Moment?

It’s a bird.. it’s a plane.. it’s Super Man. Err wait.. it’s Super Reubens?! This pose of Reubens Barichello just reminds me of Clark Kent removing his clothes to become Super Man. Kind of. Except I can’t imagine Barichello wearing tights. Or rather, I don’t want to imagine it. Congrats to Reubens for beating the Stig, the t-shirts alone should be incentive enough for others to try and beat the Stig!

I rather like the “Stig Evolution” shirt he was wearing at quali:

Which Stig t-shirt is cooler? I prefer the Stig Evolution one myself!

Reubens’ Birthday Suit?

nao tem preço... on Twitpic

This past Sunday was Reubens Barichello’s birthday. Here is a photo he posted on his twitter account… this is a nice family photo! Sorry the photo is so small, I can’t do anything about it, it’s twitpic’s doing.

I know he was at home just being comfortable and all… but was it really necessary for him to wear that size L AT&T Williams t-shirt? 😦

Oh well… at least he’s comfortable with his age… and now that Schumacher is back EJ can’t call him the “oldest man” in F1 anymore. haha.

My Second Favorite 2010 Driver’s Photo

22/03/2010 1 comment

It’s not the most attractive photo by any means. In fact, my caption for this image is “The second OLDEST* man in Formula One and PROUD OF IT!!!” What I like about this photo is that it has personality. Most of the driver photos are just boring (or plain unattractive). Reubens looks like he had fun taking this photo too. Winnar.

* I’m a little sad Barrichello is no longer the oldest man in formula since Michael Schumacher has returned. I’m going to miss the constant “oldest man in F1” in the BBC commentary. ~_~