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What happened to Wolfman???

22/03/2012 3 comments

Apparently he turned into a wolf. I’m not sure going to join 5 Live F1 was such a good thing then… I miss the adorable Wolfman. :/ The one good thing about this photo is that I can now direct people to it when they ask me, “Why do you call Jaime Algersuari WOLFMAN of all things?” Simple. He looks like one… or a werewolf…


Where did Seb get that?

15/03/2012 2 comments

image: espnf1

Oh, isn’t that cute? Vettel was matchy matchy with his girlfriend~~~ They were both wearing parkas and white tops (although Vettel’s looks a little sweater-like). Vettel was also wearing a verrry familiar looking scarf. While I don’t track driver stats per se, I do tend to track their accessories.

So where have I seen this scarf before?

On Wolfman in Spa 2010, that’s where:

Perhaps Wolfman gave it to Vettel as a parting gift? Or maybe Vettel is just copping Wolfman’s style? Or is it Red Bull team gear? 😉 Who knows.

edit: It is in fact Red Bull team gear! Check out this photo I found of Vergne. If you enlarge it, the Red Bull logo can be seen. This is a rather clever graphic design isn’t it? Despite my hate for logos, I rather like this take on a geometric pattern…

Naturally the next question is, where can Red Bull fans get this scarf? I’m not sure, but the flagship store in Austria would be my best bet.

Say You Love Me

13/10/2011 1 comment

Now here’s an idea for the rabid fans of F1. Proclaim your love for your favorite driver with a tote bag. These two fans apparently love Petrov and Algersuari. Good choices ladies! The Petrov fan better watch out though… he moonlights as a serial killer I hear! Although I have nothing against certain drivers, I would probably do a double take if someone was sporting a “I Love Barrichello” or “I Love Liuzzi” tote. =X

Would you like strangers to know who your favorite driver is? Whose name would you want on your bag? Perhaps a name isn’t good enough… a photo is worth a thousand words after all:

Go Pro

02/06/2011 4 comments

I am admittedly not an expert on cycling. But, I do know Wolfman was wearing Mavic cycling shoes. Expensive ones too… only the $$$ ones come in yellow. =X I examined the fine details of various models and I believe Wolfman was wearing the Mavic Huez. I could be wrong though… cycling fiends are free to correct me.

If you are a cyclist, I’m sure you already know that they weigh a mere 195 grams and are aware of the retail price. For the casual cyclist looking to upgrade their shoes, there is a post on VeloNews that has more information.


Is it worth it to buy $400 USD cycling shoes? Well, that all depends on a couple of things. Will they make you faster? Will they make you look cooler? Do they clash with your team kit/cycling wardrobe? Are your legs shaved? If you have the cash and the speed… I suppose it doesn’t hurt to go pro eh? 😉

Wolfman Enters the Unbuttoned Shirt Club

01/06/2011 7 comments

Wolfman has decided to join the the Unbuttoned Shirt Club (U.S.C). The difference between him and teammate Buemi is clear, isn’t it? The U.S.C is currently headed by founding member John Button and its first young driver member was dear Nico Rosberg. Upon closer examination, it appears that Wolfman has also unbuttoned the lower buttons of his shirt. So how many buttons has he done up? About three perhaps. Interesting! We’ll have to keep an eye out for Wolfman… Rosberg it looks like you’re not alone in the U.S.C. Let’s all welcome the second young driver to the club, shall we? 😉

Team Leopard’s New Kit?

06/01/2011 1 comment

Hey look, it’s the new Team Leopard… and they’re all wearing scarves?

Wow. I haven’t seen so many scarves on men all at once since the Amber Lounge Fashion show in Monaco. LOL

Remember these photos?

Let’s not forget these other guys who also enjoy their scarves:

Well, there’s nothing wrong with scarves. I don’t know who is stealing whose style now though. 😉

Wolfman ain’t the only DJ in F1

22/09/2010 5 comments

Looks like Wolfman (Jaime Alguersuari) has some competition now. Apparently Lewis Hamilton was spinning at the Hugo Boss party in Milan earlier this month. Has DJ (Lewis) got us falling in love* with his look? He was wearing the ever present 46664 bangle, diamond ring, and what I presume is a Hugo Boss suit.

Perhaps it was Lewis’ secret teenage dream* to be a DJ? I can only hope Lewis played some dynamite* songs and not some Top 40 garbage. I’m sure the guests were not afraid* though, because they took airplanes* like a G6* just to be at the party.

*All right, I’ll stop referencing bad overplayed songs now. They make me nauseous after all.