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Starting the new season off right ~

07/04/2011 3 comments

Did everyone like watching F1 in HD? I sure did (ok… I had to settle for 320p resolution for quali since that was available more quickly at the time). Every bead of sweat, every pore… and every dress shirt in almost alarming detail. Yay! 😀

HD means better screen caps for this blog… although I had help from @MisterPigz with this because he had higher quality video sources than I did for both quali and race.

Melbourne quali:

screencap: @Misterpigz

During quali, EJ showed the world that he could not be possibly one upped by me. Indeed, I was quite right : plaid/paisley is a winning combi for EJ. All right, EJ is technically wearing gingham/paisley, but it’s close enough. I made the call two months ago anyway.

As for DC, he really likes this blue shirt with breast pockets, because he wore that shirt at least three times in 2010. Yes, I did the stats on it, though I haven’t posted them (BAD BAD ME!!!).

While none of our dear BBC crew has matched their shirts yet, it seems that Jake seems vaguely inspired by DC. Notice his shirt also has two breast pockets. 😉 Maybe he wanted one too after seeing DC wear it a few times last year?

Melbourne race day:

screencap: @Misterpigz

On race day at Melbourne, DC just had to wear a pink shirt. Is there any significance in this choice? 2010 was a long time ago, but DC wore the very same pink shirt at the beginning of the season too.

Bahrain 2010 quali:

screencap: by me 😉

Wow. Talk about starting the season off in the same way. 😉

Jake’s shirt is more forgettable… a dark tone (eggplant maybe? I’ll have to rewatch the race specifically for this detail)… But please note the double pockets again. Maybe DC really is his muse now? I guess that’s fine as long as Jake doesn’t start dressing like EJ. I have to admit that I was kind of excited to see EJ’s race day shirt in HD. At first glace, I thought EJ was wearing a shirt with oversized polka dots. But it soon became clear (thanks to the HD feed) that EJ’s shirt was merely giving my eyes optical illusions. I’m not quite sure how to describe the pattern… but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Are you all excited for Malaysia? Renault’s “reflective gold” suits… the questionable Malaysian grid girl uniform (I hope they axe those fugly white sandals this year)… EJ’s next shirt choice.

I can’t wait! 🙂

P.S. The screen caps @Misterpigz helped with are actually quite good… but somehow wordpress is enlarging all of my photos and making them grainier than the original 😦


EJ… Fashion Forward or Fashion Victim?

19/07/2010 4 comments

It took me awhile, but I finally did it. I made a screen capture of EJ et al during qualifying at Silverstone. When I first saw it, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes… yes indeed he was wearing red-violet jeans. I don’t even know where to buy these things? 😛 And upon closer inspection, he was also wearing a belt just a few shades darker than his jeans. Amazing.

The more I look at the BBC presenters… the more I think their outfits are coordinated. I don’t think they will admit to it though. Fear not, hat’s what thepitwalk is for. At the end of the season I’ll have a compilation of all qualifying and race day outfits. There are days when all three of them repeat the same outfit. It’s amazing (well, not really).

I don’t really know what else to write.. so here’s some twitter conversation about EJ’s outfit:

Best Quotes From Malaysia

The rain comes when the rain is on the ground.
– Big Daddy D

Eddie your sweat is becoming globally famous now isn’t it?
– Jake Humphrey

CH: It’s a bit like your shirts Eddie, you just keep wearing them each week.
EJ: You’re just jealous aren’t you?
– Christian Horner and Eddie Jordan

(I love you Christian Horner, you’re officially my hero now. Thanks for calling EJ out on those shirts. HAHAHA.)

Good boy, beautiful.
– Rob Smedley

Does EJ wear the same pair of white jeans each week?
– Some email on the red button

So, I guess I’m not the only one who looks for the white pants? HAHAHAHA. Inquiring minds DO want to know. I like how Martin “saved” EJ and how EJ basically had no response.

Other funny moments:
– Timo Glock has a kiddie pool?!

– Seeing glamour shots of the drivers for race buildup, Kubica rarely looks so good.

– Felipe telling Jake that he thinks Alonso is bettar because he talks more than Kimi.

– Vettel tries to get onto his car post victory, but gets interrupted by Webber. He then tries to get on again, but can’t decide whether to get onto the tire, or the car. hoho

– Heikki checking his shirt buttons prior to talking to Jake et al on the red button program, that’s so cute. ❤

Coulthard is Still the King of Rolled Sleeves

01/04/2010 2 comments

When the 2010 season began, I thought to myself “Yep… DC is still king (of rolled sleeves).” I have not had the opportunity to reassert that statement since it’s hard to find a good photo online of all three BBC presenters that will illustrate my point. I could make screencaps, but I am unable to do so currently because of computer problems.

At any rate… here it is. Ah, DC the slim cut of your shirt sleeves which fit so nicely at the high point of shoulder… the sleeves which are so perfectly rolled above the elbows. It’s just SO NICELY DONE. Yes, I am aware that I can’t get over it.

For comparison purposes, look at EJ. EJ typically rolls his sleeves slightly above his wrist. Sometimes he does roll them a bit higher. Overall, compared to DC, EJ is just sloppy looking. EJ also tends to favor a more loosely cut shirt. EJ’s risk taking nature is also evident with the printed shirt he chose to wear in Melbourne; it’s a little “James May” is it not?

I have also decided to start a running tally of the number of times EJ wears white pants/jeans and when EJ/DC wear white pants together.