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Love no more

22/12/2011 3 comments

I’m a lil late to the partay, but Fernando Alonso and Raquel del Rosario have announced their break up. Aww :(. Apparently they are remaining “friends,” so who knows, perhaps Raquel will be seen in the paddock after awhile. F1 fashion fans will surely miss seeing Raquel at GPs, she tends to mix up her style a bit more than other F1 WAGs.

One of my favorite looks from Raquel was from Suzuka 2010:

If you like Raquel’s style, she posts many photoshoots on her official blog, click this link to visit it. Many of the photoshoots are well done (as they should be :P) and have a neo-bohemian vibe to them. Think Anthropolgie catalog. 😉 For those who have never seen an Anthro catalog, feel free to browse their website:* Their catalogs may also be viewed online,here.

Goodbye Raquel, I’ll miss your neo-bohemian and wannabe tough girl outfits. Love is a very splendid thing… and I’m sure you’ll find it again. ❤


*Should I also add that they are doing 50% off sale items in-store and online? 😉 Yes, I am evil.