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For the Boys

02/06/2011 5 comments

Has anyone noticed Lee McKenzie’s necklines when she interviews various drivers? I have observed that Lee tends to wear lower cut tops when interviewing younger drivers. I doesn’t happen quite so often on the track. It tends to happen during the staged interviews that are on location (drivers’ homes, parks, whatever etc). Basically Lee’s casual wear choices tend to be lower cut during segments with younger drivers.

Some may be thinking “Oh come on now, thepitwalk’s really crazy now! It’s just a coincidence!” Perhaps, but Lee herself has stated that at times she takes advantage of her femininity. She is quite pretty, don’t get me wrong now. I just find it hilarious that it seems to happen quite frequently during interactions with younger drivers.

Now now… it wouldn’t be thepitwalk without some evidence, so I have prepared some screenshots from the Shanghai GP, complete with dialog. Do enjoy. 😉

Article #1:
Lee McKenzie interviews Nick Heidfeld, a reasonably attractive driver… albeit one of the older set…

photos: screencaps by moi

Now, please make a direct comparison with Article #2: On the same day, Lee McKenzie also interviews Sebastian Vettel, who happens to be a hot* young driver of the moment.

* disclaimer: I do not find him “hot” but many do, so there it is.

photos: screencaps by moi

Perhaps I haven’t won my case today… but worry not… there will be future articles to add to the evidence pile. I am sure of it.

P.S. All in fun. Lee is a good journalist, don’t kill me ok. T_T


Malaysian GP Grid Position Winners and Losers

11/04/2011 3 comments

So… what is the grid position “winners and losers”? I have alluded to the little game I play whilst watching a F1 race a few times on the blog. I’m pretty sure it is well understood. But for those who haven’t read those posts, a pictorial explanation is much easier (and funnier). Those that follow me on twitter may recall a rather bold statement where I claimed I would revolutionize the way my followers watch F1. So let’s get to it, eh?

The grid positions for each race is always divided up in groups of four. While they flash by on the screen, simply pick a “winner” and “loser” from each grouping. The sole factor for defining the “winner” and “loser” is the DRIVER PHOTO. This is a looks and photogenicity contest! Now, sometimes this is rather hard to decide because there may be more than one unattractive photo! Remember to play with your friends, it’s more fun that way. 😉

Without further ado, here are the Winners and Losers of the Malaysian GP:

Winner: Hamilton
Loser: Button

Winner: Heidfeld
Loser: Massa

Winner: Rosberg
Loser: Buemi

Winner: Alguersari
Loser: Barichello

Winner: Kovalainen
Loser: Trulli

Winner: Glock
Loser: Karthikeyan

Wasn’t that fun? Will you be playing this game next week for the Shanghai Grand Prix? Do tell… 😉

P.S. I do need a better jester icon. Hopefully by Shanghai I will do a better job of this. 😉

Renault likes sparkley things

04/04/2011 5 comments

By now, I’m sure that people have already gotten wind of Renault’s latest announcement: Nick and Vitaly will be using sparkling golden suits on race day in Sepang.

Am I the only one frightened by this? I’m not a fan of gold in general, but for some reason I’m imagining Heidfeld and Petrov sparkling like the bad CG in the movie Twilight. I will admit to have read the book Twilight. In my defense, it came highly recommended by a coworker who I thought was moderately intelligent. So boy was I surprised when it was absolute drivel. I will also admit I watched the movie just to see how bad it could be. The answer of course, was very very bad. At least it was on NetFlix? ~_~;;;

Please tell me I’m not alone and that pop culture has ruined you too. 😉 Petrov could make a rather convincing vampire though, don’t you think? Haha… first a serial killer… and now a vampire. What will I think of next for poor old Petrov? Who knows.

Oh dear… Just another picture of Edward and Bella… umm I mean Petrov and Maria Morgun. LOL

2010 F1 Facial Hair in Pictures!

03/01/2011 9 comments

When I think about my memories about the 2010 season, there are some obvious things to remember: the fight for the WDC, the big four contenders for the Ugly Sunglasses World Champion, EJ’s sweaty shirts, the pretty wives and girlfriends (and their luxury goods), and much more.

But now that I think about it, 2010 was a big year for F1 drivers’ facial hair. Let’s start with the 2010’s gang of four.

I think the WDC should go first:

Hamilton had an “interesting” style at one point… but I am glad he got rid of it:

Alonso grew a monster of a beard as seen in the F1 gala:

I don’t think I’ve ever spotted Webber with a full beard on the track… but look at what I found:

Asides from the gang of four, Button and Heidfeld must not be forgotten.

Goodbye Heidfeld… I am going to miss your bag. In fact, I might buy one just to think of you once in awhile (just kidding).

Oh Jens… when I think about you… all can think about is your scraggly beard (and Jessica… and your father’s pink shirt).

PS I cheated, this photo of Button is not from 2010.

Did I forget an awesome beard somewhere? I might have. If so, leave a comment with your favorite 2010 bearded driver photo and LET ME KNOW! 😉 Twitter works too.

Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

15/11/2010 1 comment

I’m not usually opposed to repetition and recycling of wardrobe items. In fact, it can be a good thing to combine items in various ways. But… I draw the line at wearing a single item three out of four consecutive days.

What, is this even possible in F1?

I assure you, it is! So who was it?

Mr. Man-Bag AKA Nick Heidfeld.

Heidfeld on Thursday:

Heidfeld wore a graphic t-shirt, denim cargo shorts, and black sneakers on Thursday. It’s a typical Nick outfit due to the fit of the clothes.

Have a look at Heidfeld on Friday:

He wore a raglan knit top… with the same denim shorts? Ok, well the weather WAS cooler on Friday so I suppose I can overlook this.

But… he wore them again on Sunday with a Michael Schumacher inspired top*:

Wasn’t it quite hot on Sunday? It’s not necessary to launder clothes after a single wear… but I don’t think I’d want to wear a single item so much in a hot place like Abu Dhabi… Maybe the driver who doesn’t sweat is really Nick Heidfeld and NOT Lewis Hamilton?

Let’s hope Heidfeld made use of the laundry service at his hotel…


* Well, the shirt wasn’t really as bad as some of Schumi’s. The dragon was cute… kind of.

How to dress for a job interview

Finding a job these days is hard and the competition can be fierce for the simplest of jobs. While education and work experience cannot be changed, one important area that is 100% within your power to be changed is YOUR APPEARANCE.

Yes, that’s right. Perception is everything, especially when the interviewer has zero knowledge about your competency and work habits. One of the best ways to influence others’ perception of you is through outward appearance, so it should not be neglected! This is important even in industries famous for not having dress codes. No dress code is no excuse for looking like a slob. It is inevitable that some people will make subconscious judgments, so why not avoid that problem altogether?

While it is shallow, do give it some thought. I realize that America (and especially California) are way more casual than other countries… so let’s get on with the F1 aspect of this entry. 😛

How to dress for a job interview as illustrated by Nick Heidfeld:

Hm… what Heidfeld is wearing would probably be the absolute minimum at a job interview. He is wearing a dress shirt with some personality: the shirt buttons are black and white and there appears to be some embroidery at the cuffs. Heidfeld appears to be wearing dark jeans, but it would be better to wear slacks at an interview. 😉 He is carrying the famous man bag, which is quite practical for interviews. While there is nothing wrong with wearing comfortable shoes, please do not wear sneakers like Heidfeld. Mixing sneakers with dressier clothes will just cause the overall look to be confused*.

Personal grooming of hair and facial hair should also be neat. Some people look better with facial hair, some look better without, it’s a personal judgement call really. However in Heidfeld’s case, he is better off not looking like a bear!

* True story: I have seen someone in a white shirt, tie, khakis, and dirty beat up Pumas. My thoughts were literally: 1. What happened?, 2. Do you not own any other shoes?, 3. Couldn’t you at least clean those shoes? I know it seems catty… but that’s just how first impressions go sometimes!

What do the readers think? Am I just talking out of my ass, or do you agree? Hopefully this was an enjoyable entry for some readers! 🙂

Nando Lookalike Contest

06/10/2010 10 comments

Hello readers! I have a new fun idea for the blog: The Fernando Alonso Lookalike Contest.

To truly enter the contest, submit a photo doing the “Sad Nando Face.” You may post a comment, tweet it to me, or send me an email (thepitwalk at gmail dot com).

However, if you don’t want to show the world your Sad Nando Face, that is okay. You may also submit photos of Formula One people doing the Sad Nando Face.

I’ll start off with a few “precious” photos I have collected:

I guess team principals do the Sad Nando Face when things get tough for the constructors’ championship?

Perhaps a sad face is in order for Sauber’s decision to sign Sergio Perez for 2011?

Sorry Heidfeld… you haven’t got it quite right, but good effort!

Poor Hulkenberg. His tantrums aren’t limited to slamming his helmet into the locker…

Since this IS a contest there should be a prize. I haven’t decided on a prize yet. Perhaps a handmade item (such as pocket square, bow tie, hair accessory, etc)? Or a drawing done by me? LOL… sorry I’m no master of art people. But, I can do it if I try hard enough. 😉