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The gang of four

30/11/2010 2 comments

When I saw this photo of the WDC contenders in Abu Dhabi, I could only picture their photos in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. I’m not sure why I was reminded of Communist propaganda, but I was. Since I don’t have access to Photoshop currently, I did the following in MS Paint (tsk tsk…):

Whose photo would make a good replacement for good ol’ Mao Zedong? Perhaps Vettel, since he is the current WDC? Or maybe Alonso because team orders are for the good of the country? He also drives for a “red” team… LOL, just kidding.



My first interview!

30/11/2010 4 comments

Yours truly has been interviewed by Tamerlane, who runs his own blog Tamerlane’s Thoughts. His blog is pretty cool, I enjoy the posts about older cars and exotic travel locations. Not to be a stalker or anything, but we actually live in the same general area of Northern California. Cool, right?

Anyway, my interview has been posted on Tamerlane’s blog, here. You can find out a little bit about me and other interesting things such as who is the most vain driver in F1. I have posted the interview questions and answers here, but viewing Tamerlane’s original post is better because he has included photos. 🙂

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background in fashion.

A: I first became interested in fashion through editorial makeup looks and fashion photography. To learn more, I took courses in fashion merchandising and fashion design. Recently I made my first foray into designing menswear and it was quite a learning experience for me. Currently I am designing a capsule collection and hope to showcase the work in an informal show in 2011.

Q: How did you become a Formula One fan?

A: Truthfully, I have little interest in most sports and I would not have discovered Formula One on my own, especially living in the States. nekoball was the one who introduced me to motorsports such as drifting, Formula Drift… and of course Formula One! There’s just something about motorsports that appeals to me, I’m not quite sure what it is really. Perhaps it can be likened to some type of addiction. The more I watched F1, the more I got into it… I even made my blog and a twitter account!

Q: Who are the best and worst dressed current drivers? Why?

A: It is difficult to pick the best dressed driver because of the sponsored wardrobes. However my vote for 2010 at least goes to Timo Glock. Glock’s casual wear is not really special, but I enjoy them for some reason. I also enjoy his looks in more formal occasions (e.g. Zurich Film Festival) because of his use of color. Overall Glock’s clothes seem to reflect his personality somehow… all without trying too hard.

The worst dressed driver is the King of F1, Michael Schumacher. Not only does Schumacher have a strong history of interesting cowboy outfits, but he has consistently shown the world his questionable taste throughout the 2010 season. However, he has made great improvements and the current Schumacher does dress better than the Schumacher of the past.

Q: Who is the most vain current driver? Why?

A: This is a tough one. However, Nico Rosberg is my pick for most vain driver. Although Rosberg has cut his hair, he seems to fuss over his hair quite a lot. And of course… it is impossible to forget about his “sexily” unbuttoned shirts. 😉

Q: Do most drivers have stylists?

A: Sometimes I wish they did, maybe I could get a job! 😉

Seriously though, F1 is such a commercial sport. I am positive that the teams are aware of the image they wish to project. I would not be surprised if drivers are told to look a certain way at corporate events and required to wear the sponsored clothing brands by image consultants or corporate PR people. (cough..McLaren..cough…Hugo Boss cough.. Puma)

As a result, I think most drivers do not have personal stylists beyond wives/girlfriends and they just go for comfort, especially when they are at the track.

Q: How do you feel about the concept of grid girls? Is it sexist?

A: Interesting question. Personally I do not think anything of grid girls/race queens. To me, they are nothing more than a very specific type of model. They must look a certain way, they are constantly stared at, they bring “glamour” to motorsport, and they are compensated for it.

But why do grid girls bring glamour to the sport? Is it because those involved in motorsports are mainly men? What about the fans… are they mostly men? Of course not.

Q: Who designs the outfits for the grid girls?

A: People who obviously don’t wear the uniforms and have no sympathy for the girls. =X

(Disclaimer: Australia’s uniform was designed by Kit Willow and whether you like the design or not…she did give it a lot of thought!)

Q: Where can I find a Nick Heidfeld man purse in the States?

A: Anywhere! There is a NHMP for every budget, you are only limited by the amount of cash (plastic or otherwise) in your wallet. For the “worn” NHMP, I suggest second hand shops. Those who prefer brand name items might consider looking in a high end department store. For the ladies who like designer handbags and would like a NHMP of their own, I suggest the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. However, crossbody messengers are currently a hot item and many cheaper alternatives are available!

Q: What is the most common fashion faux pas for American men between ages 25 to 45?

A: It’s hard for me to generalize “American” men’s fashion because certain geographic areas each have their own look. However, my biggest pet peeves are:
1. Overall ill fitting clothes. Perhaps it is due to the obsesity rate in America. For some reason, Americans like to be “comfortable” and this has translated into the cursed “comfort fit” for many clothing brands. (Even American car seats are larger… isn’t that sad?)
2. Although I realize this is a style of dress, I despise baggy-ghetto-fabulous-gangsta look. No one needs to wear clothes that are three (or more) sizes too large. It only makes you look fat, not cool.
3. Wearing flip flops everywhere. Asides from the beach, shared showers, and the pool, flip flops are rarely an acceptable type of footwear. Perhaps this is more of a California/west coast thing though. I hope so?
4. General sloppiness. There are exceptions of course, but America for the most part is a pretty casual place and tolerant of looking like a slob (see People of Walmart for prime examples). Or perhaps it could be said that Americans are less appearance oriented (as compared to say Asia)?
5. Fear of looking “gay.” I hesitate to write this one because it is a sensitive subject for many. However, I do find that many American men are afraid to try many things because they do not want to look “gay.”

Q: What is the most common fashion faux pas for Western European men between ages 25 to 45?

A: Again, it is hard to generalize because different countries and cities will have different styles. While I do follow European street style blogs, there is always the matter of bias. The people that run those blogs will obviously blog about what they like… and it is very clear what their personal aesthetic is! I have also only been to Europe twice… so I am by no means an authority on the fashion there.

With those caveats, I do think that sometimes there is a bit too much going on for men that are highly inspired by the 1980s (too much color… or too much print). I am a lover of color and prints, but remember that sometimes the very extreme make it on those style blogs. I don’t think the average man would dress in such a manner, but less is enough.

There isn’t really anything I highly dislike about European fashion (with the exception of total 1980s throwbacks and drop crotch pants…) but then again, I don’t live there! 🙂

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A new bag

Mr. Dolphin brought a new man bag to Abu Dhabi. The black and red bag looks like something Puma would produce. Though it looks a bit like faux leather, the bag could be something more high end.

Sutil was also wearing his metallic Reeboks again. I initially thought the shoes were gold, but after a bit of research I believe Sutil owns the bronze Reebok EX-O Fit. These shoes are also available in silver and gold colors… did Sutil choose the prettiest one?

If you are interested in these shoes, they can be purchased at Rakuten.

A new look for Big Daddy D?

28/11/2010 4 comments

While Big Daddy D’s new-ish glasses are a major upgrade from his old rimless frames, I had mentioned that he should consider changing it up since Norbert Haug has a similar frame.

One possibility I hadn’t considered was contacts. What do you think, does Big Daddy D look better with glasses? Or should he look into getting some contact lenses? 😉

Home Alone

24/11/2010 2 comments

When I saw this photo of Buemi in Abu Dhabi… only one thing came to mind… the Home Alone movie poster.

haha. I can’t really imagine Buemi as a prankster in the Torro Rosso garage though…

Fashion posts to resume now. 🙂

Kubica Loses the Hat Wars

15/11/2010 2 comments

Ever since I saw Nelson Piquet Jr sporting a backwards cap, this trend in F1 has been on my radar. Because numerous drivers wear their caps backwards from time to time, it’s hard for me to choose which one sports the backwards cap the best. However I can say with 99.9% certainty that Kubica has lost the backwards cap war. The Oakleys perched on top did not do Kubica any favors either.

Sorry Kubica fans, he just doesn’t look as cool as other drivers!

Do you remember…

… the last time Christian Horner had major crotch action?


It was in Valenica!!! (Click the link if you would like to revisit that incident).

Well anyway, a photo is worth a 1000 words (maybe):

Dear Dietrich Mateschitz:

Due to the success of Red Bull Racing in 2010, would it be possible to increase the budget for 2011? I highly suggest a portion of the budget to be allocated to Christian Horner’s personal wardrobe. He clearly needs trousers that fit properly (see attached photo). It would be in the best interest of the team in the following ways:

1. Their health (i.e. visual acuity)
2. Decrease distraction at work, increasing overall work performance efficiency and quality.
3. Maintaining a good work environment.