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Get the London Look

22/03/2012 4 comments

Umm.. I mean the McLaren look. Now you can get the look of the McLaren boys… well, if you’re willing to part with some cash and wear the shades that is. πŸ˜‰

Jenson was seen wearing a pair of decidely retro shades in Melbourne:

I believe Jenson was wearing the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake model, which will set you back $385-$405 USD at reputable retail stores (Nordstrom, Barneys, etc).

The Sheldrake is a unisex model, the right girl could also rock it:

If you prefer a more modern sporty look, you could try to emulate Lewis Hamilton:

Now you might be thinking “There’s a weird metal bar thing in the center of those glasses.” There is also another metal bar on the temple:

These metal ‘bars’ actually serve a purpose: they are in fact hinges. Yes, that’s right. These sunglasses are foldable. The range for women has been marketed as “Folding in Love.”

This foldable range of Prada sunglasses is quite new, they debuted for men in the A/W 2011. The retail on these is about $375 USD:

The range has also carried over into the S/S 2012 season:

What do you think about these sunglasses? As for me, I think Jenson has also beat his teammate this time round in Melbourne… πŸ˜‰


Battle of the Annoying Facial Hair

09/02/2012 6 comments

While Hamilton is indeed one of the F1 Top Pretty Boy Models, his fascination with “interesting” facial hair is quite disappointing. I understand that he likes to stand out from the rest, but doing it with facial hair is rather unnecessary. Β As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, his experimentation comes off as a “teenage rebellion” from McLaren’s strict clean cut image. Β He seems to push the limit just a bit further to see how much he can get away with. Β It might be cool if Hamilton was pushing satorial boundaries perhaps a la Liuzzi. Cause let’s face it, if you exceed a certain tacky threshold, it can become cool (well, cool is relative. I never cared for Liuzzi’s style personally). Β Well, maybe I’m wrong and Hamilton IS approaching that stage… he is getting tackier by the moment. =X

Case in point… his chin curtain has now grown:

It looks particularly bad close up:

But Hamilton is not alone. Alonso has been sporting an equally tacky soul patch lately:

Oh my. Will 2012 become a year where the drivers battle for the title of Most Annoying Facial Hair? This is certainly one battle I could do without. The Ugly Sunglasses Championship is so much better. πŸ˜‰

Let’s hope they shave. Soon.

Button beats his teammate …

03/10/2011 4 comments

No, no. I’m not talking about the F1 Championship points. As on thepitwalk, it’s something else entirely!

Well, I enjoy McLaren’s Top Model Challenges very much… in fact… I might be the only person to have ever heard of it. Perhaps some of my blog readers remember what this is too (hint: top model tag). For those who are confused, here is a short explanation: Hamilton is a photogenic driver, often posing quite dramatically (even bordering on the EMO side) in front of the Vodafone logo. Granted, most of Hamilton’s posing in the garage is not intentional… but it’s more fun to turn it into an episode of Top Model with Button as Hamilton’s direct competition. πŸ˜›

Apparently Button has not only beaten his Top Model teammate Hamilton, but a slew of other Britain’s finest men. Button was voted “Best Looking Man” in a women’s survey. For further details see the original article here

Interesting. I admit Hamilton’s New Look is not doing him any favors this year. His status as the Top Model of McLaren may be in danger. That facial hair stripe has definitely got to go:

Perhaps this win has Button confused as well?

So tell me dear readers. Do you agree with those 1500 women in the survey? Is Button indeed the best looking man in Britain? I think not… but apparently many think otherwise. πŸ˜‰

McLaren’s New Sponsor?

09/06/2011 2 comments

By now I am sure that everyone is well aware of McLaren’s race suit “design” competition. I use the term “design” loosely because it seems that the most horrible designs make it into production. Poor Lewis and Jenson. The “special” edition racing suit seen in Barcelona was particularly bad. Did anyone else think that the drivers looked like they had bananas for arms?

Perhaps McLaren had a one-time sponsorship deal with Chiquita banana? -_-;;;

Remember, if you want to win the McLaren contest and have your design produced, it seems like the uglier and therefore more eye-catching, the better! x_X

Malaysian GP Grid Position Winners and Losers

11/04/2011 3 comments

So… what is the grid position “winners and losers”? I have alluded to the little game I play whilst watching a F1 race a few times on the blog. I’m pretty sure it is well understood. But for those who haven’t read those posts, a pictorial explanation is much easier (and funnier). Those that follow me on twitter may recall a rather bold statement where I claimed I would revolutionize the way my followers watch F1. So let’s get to it, eh?

The grid positions for each race is always divided up in groups of four. While they flash by on the screen, simply pick a “winner” and “loser” from each grouping. The sole factor for defining the “winner” and “loser” is the DRIVER PHOTO. This is a looks and photogenicity contest! Now, sometimes this is rather hard to decide because there may be more than one unattractive photo! Remember to play with your friends, it’s more fun that way. πŸ˜‰

Without further ado, here are the Winners and Losers of the Malaysian GP:

Winner: Hamilton
Loser: Button

Winner: Heidfeld
Loser: Massa

Winner: Rosberg
Loser: Buemi

Winner: Alguersari
Loser: Barichello

Winner: Kovalainen
Loser: Trulli

Winner: Glock
Loser: Karthikeyan

Wasn’t that fun? Will you be playing this game next week for the Shanghai Grand Prix? Do tell… πŸ˜‰

P.S. I do need a better jester icon. Hopefully by Shanghai I will do a better job of this. πŸ˜‰

Lewis Experiments with Facial Hair… Again.

03/02/2011 4 comments

Last year, Lewis grew an “interesting” bit of facial hair. In case you don’t remember what it looked like, I will refresh your memory:


It wasn’t a very good look, and he shaved it off after awhile (thank God).

However it seems that Lewis is once again toying with facial hair. It’s similar to what he tried in 2010… overall the face is clean but now there is a little subtle strip along his jawline now:

image: nextgen-auto

I’m not really sure what to think here. I still think that Lewis is “rebelling” against McLaren’s corporate image. I’m sure that growing a full beard would totally rock the boat at McLaren. But this sort of half-assed facial hair growing is a little annoying too. Perhaps I’m of the mindset “Go big or go home”…

What do the readers think? Maybe I’m out of touch on this one and it’s just so cool that I don’t get it?

Are you HD ready?

15/01/2011 6 comments

F1 will be broadcast in HD this year. Hooray! Yeah! All the action will be so clear, it’s like a dream come true for motorsport fans.

So who is actually HD ready? I’m not talking about the HD television sets in your houses, I’m talking about the F1 circus. It should go without saying that the cars and action will look great. πŸ˜‰

Let’s start out with the good (aka HD ready):

As I’ve pointed out several times on this blog… Lewis Hamilton has the most fantastic skin on the grid. He is most certainly HD ready:


Nicole Scherzinger’s hair will also be great in HD. Imagine it swishing around while she paces back and forth ever so dramatically in the McLaren garage:

photo: google images πŸ˜›

Super cutie Isabell will also be just fine:

photo: @IsabellDoreen’s twitter

It’s too bad the coverage doesn’t catch cute actions like this… but that’s okay I guess . πŸ˜›

I’m sure most fans will enjoy seeing Jessica Michibata:

image: ???

Nothing can ever be pure good… are F1 fans ready to see the leader… err I mean Bernie in HD?

image: google πŸ˜›

I’m not so sure I want to see Bernie in all of his “glory” in HD. I mean, high resolution digital images are bad enough anyway.

How about EJ’s shirts? Some say they are clown shirts… hmm…

image: ???

I suppose the silver lining is that my screen captures for 2011 will be much higher quality than 2010’s. ~_~

While EJ’s shirts are often a topic of controversy… I hope his infamous sweat will not be captured in HD for us:

image: ??? if this is your screen capture, let me know πŸ˜›

Is the world ready for John Button’s unbuttons?

image: getty

Alonso will need to take extra care to upkeep his eyebrows because we will be able to see any and all stray hairs:

What is everyone looking forward to seeing in HD this season? What scares you? Let me know via comment or twitter! πŸ™‚