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What to Wear : The Rosberg Edition Part I

23/02/2012 7 comments

Nico Rosberg had the honor of signing the golden book at his hometown, Wiesbaden, as reported by his webteam.

What does one wear on such an occasion? Let Nico Rosberg show us how it’s done. I present to you, Fashion Tips by Nico:

Be sure to click the image to enlarge, I even used Helvetica for extra emphasis~ 😉 I apologize for the bad grammar in Point #1… maybe when I get unlazy I’ll fix it. =X

Which of Nico’s top fashion tips will you gentlemen be following? For the ladies, which ones will you ahem… “recommend” to the men you know? 😉

Frankly Nico’s look seems to be awe inspiring to the children of his hometown. Check out this Nico-otaku:

There is even a Nico Rosberg Fashion Disciple:


Senna Sunglasses?

23/02/2012 2 comments

I came across the 59 Hysteric brand while doing a google search for a completely different topic.  However, I found a little something that F1 fans might enjoy so I thought I’d share. How thoughtful of me!

59 Hysteric is a Japanese eyewear brand whose inspiration is “the admiration for unsuccessful geniuses who lived tragic lives.”  That was a quote from an interview I found here. The number 59 was chosen to represent “the weakness of inexact and imperfect human being.” Besides the Senna model, there are others such as Lennon, Kurt, McQueen, hide, Marilyn etc. See a pattern here? I do have a slight problem with calling Senna and some of the others “unsuccessful” though… because they weren’t. Some of the people 59 Hysteric chose died at the peak of their careers… but this is a touchy subject and I won’t go on further about it.

59 Hysteric produces both glasses and sunglasses and I do like the retro inspired designs. I mean I personally own six pairs of acetate frames (with real lenses… in case anyone was wondering). @_@

Find out more about the range of 59 Hysteric eyewear here. Would you wear any of the designs? I happen to like the hide model… no surprises there. 😛

McLaren x Links of London

15/02/2012 1 comment

Brand collaborations tend to be exciting, especially when the stars align and two of your favorite brands combine creative forces. At other times collaborations may introduce you to new artists or brands that you have never heard of (or never considered purchasing). Perhaps the most popular and visible collaborations are the Mass Market x High End collaborations, which is another topic of discussion altogether.

The McLaren x Links of London collaboration which was just announced in a press release cannot really be compared to those type of collaborations. From the photos I have seen, the jewelry designs take their “inspiration” from various design elements of F1 (i.e. car parts) and materials (i.e. CARBON FIBER). For all you McLaren fans, fear not… some items come visibly branded with the McLaren logo so you may profess your McLaren love in other ways besides Rocket Red. 😉

How about some photos?

Here is the photo from the official McLaren press release online:

Is this photo supposed to excite me? Maybe I don’t “get it” because I’m not a man. But this bracelet also reminds me of a cheap coil bike lock:

Not exactly cool, nor cutting edge eh? Haha.

The following photos are from the official Links of London blog:

How about a set of McLaren x Links of London cuff links? I mean… look at that carbon fiber… 😛

To be honest at first glance, I thought these cuff links were actually ear plugs. Yikes. I guess that’s because I live in a place where tons of hipsters sport ear plugs. -____-;;; But McLaren and Links of London probably would not put out such a product, right?

There is also a cuff available… also with carbon fiber:

It’s all right… a little plain (perfect for men perhaps?). But does it look a little too “Oh HEYYY I randomly ripped a part off the car and wore it on my wrist?” I don’t know. The design is streamlined and minimal, which is appealing.

A “dog tag” was also made with.. yes… you guessed it… carbon fiber:

I don’t know how I feel about this one either. My initial reaction was “Do guys even wear dog tags anymore?” Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. Readers please feel free to enlighten me on this topic. 😉

When I think of Links of London, their silver jewelry (primarily the charm bracelet) comes to mind. I wonder what type of metal will be used for this jewelry. Perhaps there will be different options at different price points (i.e. silver, white gold, platinum). However in the spirit of the McLaren collaboration, some other metals could also be used… titanium perhaps? There is no further information available at this time, so we’ll just have to see.

Would any of you McLaren lovers consider buying jewelry from this collaboration? Do tell. 🙂

Battle of the Annoying Facial Hair

09/02/2012 6 comments

While Hamilton is indeed one of the F1 Top Pretty Boy Models, his fascination with “interesting” facial hair is quite disappointing. I understand that he likes to stand out from the rest, but doing it with facial hair is rather unnecessary.  As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, his experimentation comes off as a “teenage rebellion” from McLaren’s strict clean cut image.  He seems to push the limit just a bit further to see how much he can get away with.  It might be cool if Hamilton was pushing satorial boundaries perhaps a la Liuzzi. Cause let’s face it, if you exceed a certain tacky threshold, it can become cool (well, cool is relative. I never cared for Liuzzi’s style personally).  Well, maybe I’m wrong and Hamilton IS approaching that stage… he is getting tackier by the moment. =X

Case in point… his chin curtain has now grown:

It looks particularly bad close up:

But Hamilton is not alone. Alonso has been sporting an equally tacky soul patch lately:

Oh my. Will 2012 become a year where the drivers battle for the title of Most Annoying Facial Hair? This is certainly one battle I could do without. The Ugly Sunglasses Championship is so much better. 😉

Let’s hope they shave. Soon.

Cap me

09/02/2012 3 comments

Well, it was just a matter of time before Kimi appeared with a cap. Apparently it can even be a topic for an interview … 😉

The Lotus cap is a pretty hideous dirty beige. In addition the border around the Lotus logo just makes me think of a cheap iron on patch… Yeah yeah, that’s the logo… but still… I don’t have to like it ya know? 😛

I’ll try something ‘new’ this time round… a poll 😉

For any that need a refresher… here are the photos of the other caps:

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