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Chaokoh? Chandhok?

Something has been on my mind for a long time and it’s not exactly fashion related. Sorry Chandhok fans… I admit when I first saw the name “Chandhok” I was thinking about coconut milk… the Chaokoh brand to be specific.

Well, the next time you make curry, tom yum soup, coconut jello etc… think of your favorite HRT driver, Karun ChandHOK!

Maybe Chandhok should approach Chaokoh as a personal sponsor? I mean, Red Bull is sponsored by “amazing Thailand,” coconut milk would be OK too right? =x


I Don’t Get it.

22/07/2010 4 comments

I’m not being sarcastic. I really don’t understand this t-shirt. It says “Bruno Senna Fanclub.” Right, got it.

But then it also says Karun?


Are these girls fans of both Bruno and Karun? Were they too cheap to have separate t-shirts printed? Do they like Bruno more than Karun since Bruno’s name is on top? Or do they prefer Karun since his name is printed in a much larger font size? Maybe Karun is a member of the Bruno Senna fanclub?

What on earth is this? Whoever designed this clearly didn’t give it much thought. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bag on the fans, but this type of thing really bothers me on a design level. 😦

Well for anyone that was ignorant (like me!), refer to the comments. There are very good explanations there… thanks to the readers Bianca and Karin for giving me the correct details! The idea itself is kind of cute. 🙂 But I stand by the design statement… it is kinda confusing for those that aren’t aware of the background (and who don’t follow HRT so closely… I normally tune out the fan photos too haha).

Some new thoughts on this photo: What’s with Karun’s pained smile? Or should I be as bold as to use “grimace”? Shy? Embarrassed? Well, he is in a bromance with Bruno me thinks!

Chandhok’s Thousand Year Old Surprise

Just kidding. “Thousand year old” eggs look like this:

They are actually preserved duck eggs and are quite delicious by the way…

Chandhok was photographed with this egg in Turkey:

Did anyone else think “wtf” when they saw this? Or maybe people were laughing (like I was). Chandhok just looks kind of stupid here with his egg. Clearly he is not F1 Top Model material. He’s got to learn “how to sell the egg.” I hope that egg is hard boiled… or preserved…or fake. I can’t imagine that thing surviving travel around the different tracks. nekoball said Chandhok’s egg reminded him of Kinder eggs* (aka Kinder surprises). Perhaps in a way Chandhok’s egg IS a Kinder egg. Luck is supposedly stored in it?

* I admit… I didn’t know what a Kinder egg was. 😦 I had to wiki it. I think it’s funny (and sad) they are banned in the USA. USA is so boring and annoying sometimes.

Edit: I’ve discovered the egg is rubber. Thank goodness?

Karun Chandhok Poses for Sports Illustrated

01/04/2010 1 comment

Um, not exactly haha. Chandhok however was seen having fun in Malaysia. But doesn’t this pose remind you of the alluring swimsuit babes that are on Sports Illustrated covers?


Maybe not… he’s pretty hairy…