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Jessica Looks Pantless

11/08/2010 3 comments

Curse you Lady Gaga for starting this pantless trend. All right… I’m sure Jessica was wearing super short shorts… but don’t you think she looks pantless here? I’m sure the guys are loving this photo but frankly this type of attire is best left at home. Jessica looks like she stole a silk shirt from John Button’s wardrobe and belted it. YUCK. Imagine that. John Button’s sweaty shirt. =X

PS I hate those shoes too.

PPS John Button is trying to compete with Nico in terms of sexy unbuttoned shirt. Um, I don’t think so.

Don’t Forget About the Mother

09/08/2010 3 comments

We can’t let the wives and girlfriends of F1 have all the fun now can we? Felipe’s mother looks quite stylish here with her white jeans, chunky belt, flowy tank top, gladiator sandals, and Prada tote bag. The tote Massa’s mother was using was the Prada Lux Brief Tote. It retails for $1530 USD. I love how simple her jewelry is… not overdone at all. yey. 🙂

I Spy With My Eagle Eye

What do I spy? Why Catherine was supporting the Lotus team again. Do you spy it? She’s wearing a Lotus team pin on her dress! So for those that do not wish to wear super obvious items, a subtle pin is also available.

Catherine’s halter dress was cute, I like the chain detail at the neckline. I’m not quite sold on the espadrilles with the dress though. The dress is slightly dressy due to the chain necklace, but it is in a casual fabric. Espadrilles are a less dressy shoe… hmm maybe it works after all? I think I would have preferred some sort of sandal though.

Lady in Red

03/08/2010 3 comments

Jessica Michibata was wearing another jersey dress on race day in Hungary. I wonder how many she owns? haha. This time her dress was red and it complimented her tanned skintone nicely. She paired the dress with a thick black patent leather belt and used her Birkin again. I don’t know how others feel, but tucking her necklace into the lowcut dress seemed a bit provocative to me.

For those who wish to recreate this look, a similar dress is available from the evil empire American Apparel for $36 USD:

A wide black belt is available at all price points from fast fashion chains to Gucci. I like this belt though is very different from Jessica’s:

Yes, the belt I prefer is a little S&M feeling …but it’s so cool and sexy. All right, it’s my personal love of zippers and buckles coming out. I admit it. 😛

Similar flat sandals should also be easy to find, though I personally do not like ones that wrap around my toes. =X

Are we bored of jersey dresses yet people? 😉

Sunny Side Up

02/08/2010 11 comments

Look it’s another sunny yellow item from Raquel del Rosario. During qualifying, she wore a yellow halter dress by BCBG. This dress was cute, but due to the tent shape it is unrealistic for certain body types to wear it. Luckily for Raquel she is thin enough to pull it off. She also used a black Chanel bag, likely the classic medium flap. However I can’t make an ID for sure without visual confirmation of the size. 🙂

The shoes were a bit clunky due to the wooden platform. Not to mention that wooden platforms are murder on feet. =x I couldn’t find the exact pair of shoes that Raquel wore, but this pair by KORS Michael Kors comes close:

The King is Really the King

02/08/2010 7 comments

Just when I think that Schumacher’s fashion sense has been all right, he goes to prove that he IS the king (of bad fashion) after all. He was spotted wearing this t-shirt with comic book style art:

Here’s a view of the back:

I am a fan of comics… but that character design isn’t all that attractive, especially on a shirt. There’s also a lot going on with the psychedelic patterns. hmm… Perhaps this shirt would have worked better with some traditional comic book style gradients/patterns. Maybe.

Maybe not.