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Alonso vs. Black Beauty

It has been awhile since my last post*, but fear not… I am not one to abandon things (especially my blog =p). I do have posts saved up for times like these, but nekoball shared this video with me and it was highly amusing.

This isn’t just any video either… but an advertisement for Viceroy watches starring Fernando Alonso. I’ll admit that I haven’t heard of Viceroy watches before. I am not a watch fanatic, though I do like them. I have also been known to wear watches with dead batteries or unreadable faces (i.e. useless watches) for fashion purposes only. I can always check my mobile phone for the time anyway (well, assuming I have it on me, but that’s a different issue all together).

Click and watch… my comments will follow the video…

So, what do you think about this advertisement? Several (semi-inane) thoughts go through my head while watching this:

What’s up with the dramatic spot lighting? It makes the “spectators” seem as if they’re part of some dirty underground society since I can’t see anyone’s faces at first. Oh hmm… ladies in gowns with champagne flutes, and why is that woman in the grey-lavendar gown wearing ill fitting black leather gloves? These people are obviously “rich: and in some type of palatial type residence…so I suppose this is some “high class” entertainment?

And there’s a HORSE there with a circle of sand (or dirt)… um ok… so is this a “gladiator” type of thing? Wait… the horse is black. OH BLACK BEAUTY … don’t tell me Alonso is going to try to “tame” you… by the way Black Beauty happens to be one of my favorite novels that I read circa 4th grade. =P

The elderly woman with all the blingy jewels and fur stole is amused is she? I guess so… she is even wearing some horrid brown lipstick (gross) and I guess she’s a smoker too because her teeth are all yellow… yuck. But am I also amused? Not really. But I do think the lighting is very flattering for Alonso’s skin. It looks so smooth. LOL.

Oh and Alonso just casually dusts off his watch (which just happens to have a black face with red dials) and jumps on the horse…

Mission accomplished?

Well, for Alonso… yes. He got on the horse afterall! Mission accomplished for Viceroy watches? I’m not sure. I suppose they wanted to do a Ferrari tie in with Alonso and Black Beauty there. But does this make me want to buy a watch? Not really. Does this make me think Viceroy is glamorous and high class? Not really. Does this make me wonder about Viceroy watches? Sort of… I don’t really like the concept of this ad and it makes me wonder about their MARKETING TEAM. haha. It also makes me wonder how much Viceroy watches cost. And here I am posting about this dumb ad on my blog. So the buzz has been generated and the mission is accomplished in that sense.

And yes… I DO think this much about advertisements… I’ve thought about them in detail ever since high school. I think it’s important to be more aware of advertising in general.

* For those wondering… I am getting bogged down by projects in my real life. I finished sewing a bustier instead of blogging and I still need to construct more garments… ^.^;;

  1. Mélodie
    09/05/2010 at 11:05 am

    hahaha i think the same : ok, fernando is now a ferrari driver, so they made a spot with a horse, but what the relationship with the watches ?!
    The spot is beautiful but i really don’t understand what it means !

  2. pinknyanko
    09/05/2010 at 11:07 am

    yeah, the meaning of the ad is questionable. But I guess the end result was delivered: the ad is memorable and people are talking about it.

  1. 07/05/2010 at 12:12 am

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