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Lewis Experiments with Facial Hair… Again.

03/02/2011 4 comments

Last year, Lewis grew an “interesting” bit of facial hair. In case you don’t remember what it looked like, I will refresh your memory:


It wasn’t a very good look, and he shaved it off after awhile (thank God).

However it seems that Lewis is once again toying with facial hair. It’s similar to what he tried in 2010… overall the face is clean but now there is a little subtle strip along his jawline now:

image: nextgen-auto

I’m not really sure what to think here. I still think that Lewis is “rebelling” against McLaren’s corporate image. I’m sure that growing a full beard would totally rock the boat at McLaren. But this sort of half-assed facial hair growing is a little annoying too. Perhaps I’m of the mindset “Go big or go home”…

What do the readers think? Maybe I’m out of touch on this one and it’s just so cool that I don’t get it?


Valencia Wrap Up Post

08/07/2010 2 comments

I haven’t posted everything that I wanted to post about Valencia. But I have a really good excuse! I’ve been busy with producing a charity fashion show. Due to my laziness this will be a consolidation post.

I was also going to do another illustration for Vettel’s birthday… but I was designing garments instead. Yeah, lame. Sorry.

First we have Raquel del Rosario.

It’s been awhile since there have been photos of her in the paddock. I missed her! She’s so cute in her nautical striped top. I am not really liking her headband though, it makes the hair a bit messy looking. Unfortunately I could not find a high quality full body photo, but Raquel was wearing black shorts with this oversized top. I didn’t really like the shorts, they were very much like biker shorts… which just reminds me that the Tour de France is back. 😦 It’s gonna be three weeks of watching the most powerful butts and thighs in the world. Save me. But I guess Alonso likes cycling… so maybe he bought those shorts for her? JUST KIDDING.

Next we have Nicole …

Boy she really loves tops and dresses with embellishment, doesn’t she? This time it’s sequins! It seems like the embellishments are always arranged in these radiating arrays as well… This dress is just ok, it’s not my taste. But the drape and cut of the fabric really accentuates her curves. The dress is probably cut on the bias… which is all good if you don’t have too many.. ahem.. “lumps and bumps.” I’m not sure what brand this dress is, but it reminds me of some spring Versace pieces I have seen.

And of course we have the just-turned-25-not-that-long-ago-boy-Rosberg:

Yeah, I realize the motorhome is mirrored. That doesn’t change the fact that Rosberg looks like he is checking himself out (and apparently liking what he is seeing). Maybe he’s singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt” or something?

Since I didn’t make an illustration of Vettel yet… I have to poke fun since it was his birthday not too long ago:

Please shave Vettel… this is not very becoming. I don’t like scraggly beards. It didn’t look good on Jens and it doesn’t look good on you either. I know you want to be a world champion… but aiming for the ugly sunglasses world championship should be enough. Please don’t aspire for the bad facial hair championship as well.

I can’t leave out Alonso, it wouldn’t be fair:

Look at him… surrounded by the pxxp Santander logos… in an executive chair? Hello, new President of Santander Bank. Haha.

Last for the consolidation post is… Brazil vs Brazil

Who wore the Brazil jersey better? Barichello or Massa? I’m going to have to go with Barichello, since he is actually wearing it. Massa… just looked like he was playing Superman.

And there we have it. My memories of the European Grand Prix. It’s almost time for Silverstone!

Buemi Tries Out for F1’s Top Model in Valencia

Buemi is a man who rarely makes the cut in terms of good photos. But I’m a fair person and I don’t just hate! That’s why this photo is featured. Buemi is “selling” his helmet here like a proper top model. Good job Buemi, show those McLaren boys what you’ve got.

Up Close With Hamilton’s 46664 Bangle Again

03/07/2010 1 comment

Lewis is often seen with his 46664 bangle, but I decided to feature it again since I found relatively close shot of the bangle. I suspect he and Nicole* both own these 46664 bangles, but I have not seen a close enough shot of Nicole’s to confirm this.

* I noticed Nicole’s bangle in the photos of Nicole/Lewis in Montreal.

Ross Brawn in Regular Clothes

It’s kind of weird seeing Ross Brawn in regular clothes for some reason. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s wearing… it looks perfectly fine. I haven’t seen many photos of Ross in non-team-logo-wear, so I decided to share this photo. But for some reason his head looks a little small compared to the rest of his body?


Hulkenberg Takes on Vettel in Valencia

Remember Vettel’s sunglasses from Montreal? I sure do. So when I saw this photo of Hulkenberg in Valencia, I nearly “eeped.” That is to say, I made an “eep” sound (err.. almost). This is not scream worthy material afterall. Hulkenberg was wearing the same Oakley sunglasses that Vettel wore in Montreal!

So who wore it better? I’m biased towards Hulkenberg because I am imagining Vettel’s goofy expression in my brain. But to be honest, the sunglasses don’t look TOO bad on Vettel in the above photo. Maybe there was some photography trickery involved? Just kidding. Maybe that’s Vettel’s good side? 😉

My opinion on these sunglasses has changed a bit. They are not too bad on the right person. Please note I am not changing my rating to “good.” It’s just not at as bad as I initially thought.

What do other people think? Hulkenberg vs Vettel, which German is the winner?

P.S. If you like these sunglasses, I believe they are Oakley Men’s Crosshair Sunglasses. They are currently available at for $110 USD. =X

Snapple Fact About Jarno Trulli

He shaves his legs*.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s a Snapple Fact for you. What’s a Snapple Fact? Well, I snagged the definition from Wikipedia: Snapple is well-known for printing interesting numbered “facts” on the inside of their bottle caps. A list of these “Real Facts” is available on the company website.

Oh and if you don’t believe me, just look more closely at the photo I posted above. Look at the amount of hair on Jarno’s arm. Then have a look at his leg. Noticeable difference right? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as he likes cycling. This entry was supposed to be short like a “Snapple Fact.” Hmm fail. -_-

* OK, I don’t know if he shaves them. Maybe he gets them waxed. Or he could use Nair. Or laser hair removal. Get the drift ya?