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Do you remember…

… the last time Christian Horner had major crotch action?


It was in Valenica!!! (Click the link if you would like to revisit that incident).

Well anyway, a photo is worth a 1000 words (maybe):

Dear Dietrich Mateschitz:

Due to the success of Red Bull Racing in 2010, would it be possible to increase the budget for 2011? I highly suggest a portion of the budget to be allocated to Christian Horner’s personal wardrobe. He clearly needs trousers that fit properly (see attached photo). It would be in the best interest of the team in the following ways:

1. Their health (i.e. visual acuity)
2. Decrease distraction at work, increasing overall work performance efficiency and quality.
3. Maintaining a good work environment.



Does Christian Horner Live in a Glass House?

30/08/2010 2 comments

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or so the saying goes.

As much as I love the way Christian Horner makes fun of EJ’s semi questionable choice in shirts… perhaps he shouldn’t criticize EJ so much. After all, Horner is mostly seen wearing Red Bull team gear. There isn’t much thought required to pull a uniform outfit together!

When I finally see him in his own clothes… Horner appears to be equally questionable himself! For example, in Valencia, he had the most obvious crotch action going on. The pink windowpane shirt in Turkey was all right, but I’m afraid Horner is channeling a bit of EJ in this purple sweater combination.

So what do we think… does Horner have a right to judge EJ? Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Christian Tries to Measure up to Bernie at Silverstone

11/07/2010 1 comment

Does anyone remember Bernie’s pot belly battle in Bahrain? Bernie won that battle hands down. Now it appears that Christian Horner would also like to do pot belly battle with Bernie. But I think it’s clear to everyone that Bernie has the superior pot belly. @_@

I’m sure that Christian and Bernie would agree with me. I think their conversation would go something like this:

B: Christian… you’re way too young to start challenging me you young buck.
C: I’m afraid you’re right. There’s no way I could beat you in my present state.
B: Maybe you can challenge me again in about 30 years.
C: If you’re still alive… hohoho.

Christian Horner Plagued by Crotch Action in Valencia

27/06/2010 5 comments

Oh Christian… what should I think about you? On the one hand I love you because of your smart ass comments. But the leg shaking, infamous Cosmopolitan naked photo, and now these overly tight trousers are not doing it for me. Like respect, love from the pitwalk must be earned: it’s not automatic, nor guaranteed. One day I might love you, and the next day…maybe not so much.

I’m only a little bit sorry for posting this photo of Christian Horner. I wouldn’t want Oksana Kossatchenko to be all by her lonesome self now. Oksana needs some company in the Valencia-Crotch-Action-Country-Club!

It was inevitable for me to take notice of Horner’s pants… All the creases and pulls in the fabric just draw the eye naturally to Horner’s crotch. T_T ughhh… overall I get the feeling of “TMI” and I want to look away. It becomes hard to notice anything else, but there’s one other area of interest! Horner is carrying a briefcase, +1 for the Formula One man-bag count.

Christian Horner is Pretty in Pink

28/05/2010 4 comments

Sort of. Pretty isn’t really the right word. =p While it might be in Horner’s job description to be seen at all times wearing the Red Bull team gear… it’s nice to see that he owns some real clothes. Haha. I wonder if he misses wearing his own clothes, I know I would! Anyway, I like seeing a guy in a pink shirt*… and pink windowpane at that! I wonder what pants Horner was wearing.. Hopefully not a pair of white ones, or he would be a bit too EJ looking.

* EXCEPT John Button. Anyone who has read earlier entries this will know that (I hope).

Gimme a Red Bull Umbrella

Christian Horner was seen with a fancy pants Red Bull umbrella. His umbrella looks a lot better than some of the other Red Bull umbrellas, notice how it has some graphics/prints on the underside of the umbrella.

I don’t really like the bulls on the logo, but somehow on this umbrella, it looks okay to me. Combined with the current rainy weather I’m currently experiencing, I WANT ONE OF THESE UMBRELLAS!

P.S. Doesn’t Christian Horner look royally pissed and ready to kill? hah.