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Don’t cry for me Argentina …

Ok, so this isn’t really a photo Evita/Eva Peron. But today is the start of the Arctic Rally and Kimi Raikkonen will be participating and I thought this would an appropriate photo. Goodbye F1… hello rally?

Don’t cry too hard Kimi fans … afterall, he seems happier there anyway.

Happy Belated Birfday Jenson

It was the 9th anniversary of Jenson Button’s 21st birthday on 19 January! I don’t have much to say except that Jenson has not aged very well. =X

Check out these photos below. The first picture is a photo of Jenson circa 2000. He looks so different (though it should be noted that there are several fine lines under his eyes). The next photo is from 2009 and my how the lines have gotten deeper… :/

There are some ladies on the F1 forums that think Jenson has gotten better with age (like a fine wine?), but I beg to differ. All those wrinkles… he looks old.

Murse Battle

Murses (man-purses aka “man bags”) are getting more and more mainstream, at least in America. I’m not too sure about Europe, but murses are quite common in Asia.

Anyway, let’s have a murse battle now. First we have Jarno Trulli’s bag vs Nick Heidfeld’s bag.

To the casual observer, both murses look like attache-briefcase type bags. Upon closer inspection, there are differences to be found.

Nick’s bag has a side pocket which is large enough for a water bottle in case he wants to stay hydrated like Lewis Hamilton. Jarno’s bag does not appear to have such a compartment due to the construction of the bag. +1 Nick

Jarno’s murse on the other hand has two accordion-like compartments, which is excellent for organization. Nick’s only has one large compartment. +1 Jarno

Features that are visible on Nick’s murse (but not on Jarno’s) are: a strap (located at the back), an unzippered back pocket. I can’t give Nick any extra points here since I’m not sure if Jarno’s bag has any of these things or not (though it’s quite likely Jarno’s has a strap as well).

So there we have it… it’s a tie I suppose. Perhaps a better question would be who wore his murse better? I would have to go with Nick as Jarno’s outfit is so so terrible. The yoga pants.. the little ponytail.. is Jarno the last samurai or something? OMG my eyes … I can barely focus on the bag as the rest of the outfit is so distracting.

PS Nick you’re not much better since your pants are reminiscent of the “houser” days of the 90s.

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In Which EJ Makes the Cut. Or not.

I was going to do a “best of” and “worst of” 2009 F1 Fashion Moments. And I still might. Maybe, but I am inherently lazy, so… it’s also very possible that I won’t.

However, EJ’s green pants need to have their very own post. At first look I thought. OMG, hideous. WTF was he thinking. Was he trying to look like a watermelon? It’s sooo 80’s, and not in a good way. Yes, the 80’s ARE back, but let’s not be so literal here! Actually I think what really bugs me about the pants is the shade of green in combination with the pink shirt.

And in the photo above, it even appears as if DC is pointing at EJ’s pants whilst Schumacher is laughing! Oh the irony, the bad dresser Schumacher is laughing at another’s choice in attire…

So anyway, here I was laughing at EJ only to find that the Satorialist had posted the photo below on 06Oct09. Could it be that I was wrong? EJ is more fashion forward than myself? No, it couldn’t be. It simply can’t be. It isn’t. Merely a coincidence. It has to be. My ego demands it to be so.

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/unban -R #FIA flabio

Flavio Flabio Briatore’s lifetime FIA ban has been overturned. So will he return to F1?

I don’t really care if he does. After all, I will get to say Flaaaabio once more. But, I just hope I won’t see him in this way again:

I won’t post the OTHER notorious photo that goes along with this one. After all, it’s quite famous on those F1 forums… and it’s not exactly easy on the eyes…

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Massa Et Al Sporting Ferrari Red

The drivers have been spotted sporting Ferrari Red for the Wroom event … and of course I have a thing to say about it.


Disclaimer: The following photos are not mine and have been sourced from other blogs. But the comments about them are 100% mine. Of course.

First up, we have Fernando Alonso’s debut in official team gear. THANK GOD. The horrible red sweater is nowhere to be seen. Well, I hope it’s not hiding underneath the ski jacket anyway.

Next we have Massa. His jacket looks to be about two to three sizes too big for him. And he’s looking constipated again. I mean, with that vacant gaze, what else could Massa be thinking about (besides the loo)? Well, at least Massa’s jeans look ok, no “dad jeans” to be seen.

Fisi here looks a bit…forced.. strained.. not exactly jolly? I’m not sure, but it seems like he has learned something from Massa (aka try to look constipated). Please don’t do that anymore Fisi. You’re fine as you are.

Ok, to be fair, the light probably WAS super bright and he was probably just squinting. But still. Fisi doesn’t look like he’s taking a stroll in the snow. He looks like he’s trying to head for the loo a la Massa.