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In Which EJ Makes the Cut. Or not.

I was going to do a “best of” and “worst of” 2009 F1 Fashion Moments. And I still might. Maybe, but I am inherently lazy, so… it’s also very possible that I won’t.

However, EJ’s green pants need to have their very own post. At first look I thought. OMG, hideous. WTF was he thinking. Was he trying to look like a watermelon? It’s sooo 80’s, and not in a good way. Yes, the 80’s ARE back, but let’s not be so literal here! Actually I think what really bugs me about the pants is the shade of green in combination with the pink shirt.

And in the photo above, it even appears as if DC is pointing at EJ’s pants whilst Schumacher is laughing! Oh the irony, the bad dresser Schumacher is laughing at another’s choice in attire…

So anyway, here I was laughing at EJ only to find that the Satorialist had posted the photo below on 06Oct09. Could it be that I was wrong? EJ is more fashion forward than myself? No, it couldn’t be. It simply can’t be. It isn’t. Merely a coincidence. It has to be. My ego demands it to be so.

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