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Rosberg Going Skater Boy?

Is Rosberg going “skater boy” on us? Perhaps.. he doesn’t usually wear his cap backwards. Rosberg was photographed with his fellow Germans to support the German football team. hmm… this isn’t good at all. Rosberg was channeling Nelson Piquet Jr here. No, I’m still not on drugs. Really, have a look:


A New Job for Nelson Piquet

While it remains to be seen whether Piquet will return to Formula 1, I think Piquet should consider all of his career options. Nascar Trucks might be fun for him, but hey modeling could be just as fun. He seems to pose a lot for the cameras as it is already, just look at these photos (and his twitter account LOL)!

Overall he has good bone structure and skin… all essential elements for a model. And, Brazil IS notorious for churning out many models for print and runway (and Miss Universe contestants as well? @_@).

Anyway, once piece of advice for Nelshino should he pursue modeling as a new career: Change up your angles! Otherwise, people will think you only have one good angle… anyone who watches Top Model knows that!

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No no, not Nelshino. I’m talking about Nelson Piquet Jr.’s unibrow here. I have noticed in various photos that Piquet has some unibrow action going on. Seeing those excess hairs just makes me want to PLUCK THEM for him. Given the chance, I also wouldn’t mind trimming those slightly longer hairs on his left eyebrow… or smoothing them down with a bit of brow gel (or wax). =X

Poor Piquet, I’m sure his unibrow is the least of his worries now… but do examine the photo and see for yourself!

Who do you think has the best eyebrows in F1? I shall examine this topic at a later point.

piquet - large headshot(2)

PS Find out more than you ever wanted to know about unibrows at Wikipedia