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Ron Weasley Sighted in Singapore

Hey look who was in Singapore~ Ron Weasley… err Rupert Grint. Yes, I had to look that up. I am full of pop culture fail 95% of the time. I know Emma Watson though for some reason… maybe because she was in the Burberry ads? 😛

Anyway, Rupert was a guest in Singapore and he looked oddly proportioned for some reason. He looked a bit fat? Or was his shirt too small? Well, the photo might be distorted… I don’t know but the size of his head and body look weird somehow. It’s nice actually recognizing a celebrity for once. ~_~;;


Paris Hilton Tries Being a Renault Girl

I was struggling with the idea of posting photos of Paris Hilton in Monaco. Are there some lines and boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed? Paris is a very tacky girl after all. But I identified the dress she was wearing in the Renault garage. So what to do eh?

My solution: I won’t post a photo of Paris. It has been awhile since Monaco and many people have probably seen photos of her royal tackiness already. Instead I’ll post a photo of the dress. haha. Paris was seen wearing a silk shantung Roberto Cavalli dress. If you fancy it, it’s yours for just a little over $2,000 USD at and other fine retailers. But hurry, because size IT 38 and IT 40 have already sold out on net-a-porter. =p

Michelle Yeoh Looking Jet Set

21/05/2010 3 comments

Michelle Yeoh looked like a part of the jet set crowd with her white eyelet lace dress, sunglasses, and straw hat. Michelle’s shoes are kind of weird… they appear to be some type of heeled/platform flip flops?

However, she looks kind of frumpy at the same time. I think it’s the volume at the waistline, maybe it would have been better with a belt. It’s possible that this dress looked a lot cuter in person. Many times what looks good in person, may not translate well on camera and film. I think most celebrities forget about dressing for the camera and that’s why they end up on these “worst dressed” lists. Of course, people are free to wear whatever they want. It’s just that what you like vs. what looks good on camera vs. your best colors may not be the same things.

P.S. Am I the only one who was staring at her knee cap? What’s wrong… does this happen when you get old? 😦

Marc Anthony and Martin Whitmarsh are Twinsies

As I was reviewing my blog (for typos) I was staring at Marc Anthony’s photo with JLo. I thought, “hmm.. he doesn’t look like too much of a drug addict here, but the fellow is wearing sunglasses so who really knows.”

Then it hit me. I had an AMAZING DISCOVERY (well, not really).

Marc Anthony was wearing the same sunglasses as Martin Whitmarsh. They were TWINSIES!!! Aww, isn’t that cute?

Well, I’m sure neither of them care about this fact. But do you think they would notice each other wearing the same sunglasses? The world wants to know! Or maybe it’s just me.

So, here’s the question: Who wore these sunglasses better.. Marc or Martin? My vote goes to Marc because these sunglasses look too small for Martin’s face. 😉

JLo Dons Pucci in Monaco

17/05/2010 2 comments

JLo looked summery fresh in Pucci over the weekend in Monaco. Pucci always has good patterns and color schemes, and both the dress and scarf are in lovely marine blue colorways. Diamonds never hurt a girl either, and I’m loving her earrings especially. But don’t stop there… check out the diamond ring and diamond Rolex. @_@ They crystals aren’t visible in this photo.. but JLo has crystal encrusted snakes on her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses.

Her skin looked wonderfully glowy and sunkissed (yes, a trick of bronzer I know). Her lips were also the perfect glossy nude tone. ❤ I wonder if Scott Barnes is still her makeup artist, anyone know?

But.. did Jlo know why she was at Monaco? She looked a bit confused here:

If I were to caption her, I would put “What is this thing?” in a thought bubble. =x

Update: The aqua colored bag is by Roberto Cavalli and retails for $660 USD. This makes sense as JLo was staying on Cavalli’s yacht. 😉 She also wore Cavalli dresses in Cannes.

She’s a Crazy Bitch*

17/05/2010 2 comments

Crazy indeed. What the heck is she wearing??? I’m sure it’s designer (maybe Roberto Cavalli?) … she is a supermodel after all. But designer or not, this is really really REALLY ugly. I really can’t believe that she has both the jacket AND the matching top. @_@ It boggles my mind. I can only hope that she received the horrid pieces gratis. Combined with fringed gladiator sandals, this whole outfit is over the top. Oh my eyes… I think this is the worst outfit I have seen for awhile.

* For those who don’t know the song… this was meant as a play on Akon’s song “Sexy Bitch.” hah.

Elizabeth Hurley Wearing Curtains at Amber Lounge Fashion Show

Well… Liz Hurley does look pretty here… if you ignore her dress. Her face is gorgeous and the color of the dress complements her coloring. BUT, the excessive draping is hiding her body and makes her look shapeless, especially at the waist. That’s too bad.. I’ve always thought she was a pretty lady.