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Where did Seb get that?

15/03/2012 2 comments

image: espnf1

Oh, isn’t that cute? Vettel was matchy matchy with his girlfriend~~~ They were both wearing parkas and white tops (although Vettel’s looks a little sweater-like). Vettel was also wearing a verrry familiar looking scarf. While I don’t track driver stats per se, I do tend to track their accessories.

So where have I seen this scarf before?

On Wolfman in Spa 2010, that’s where:

Perhaps Wolfman gave it to Vettel as a parting gift? Or maybe Vettel is just copping Wolfman’s style? Or is it Red Bull team gear? 😉 Who knows.

edit: It is in fact Red Bull team gear! Check out this photo I found of Vergne. If you enlarge it, the Red Bull logo can be seen. This is a rather clever graphic design isn’t it? Despite my hate for logos, I rather like this take on a geometric pattern…

Naturally the next question is, where can Red Bull fans get this scarf? I’m not sure, but the flagship store in Austria would be my best bet.


Driver Spotlight : Jean-Eric Vergne

06/03/2012 2 comments

Since a few drivers from 2011 have been .. ahem.. replaced, I thought it would be nice to have a spotlight on some of the new faces on the grid. Of course, if you are looking for a biography, statistics, or analysis of their driving… you should probably head elsewhere (you know… like to a proper F1 fansite). Cuz this is thepitwalk, and this blog tends to focus on the superficial. 😉

So … what do we think about Jean-Eric Vergne? He’s no pretty boy, that’s for sure. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I can only think of Vergne as a Buemi replacement, especially with that backwards cap. 😛

Vergne seems to be fond of scarves, wearing them both on and off the track. Remember, a scarf is an absolute must for some F1 drivers (coughcough Rosberg):

Oh well, time will tell whether Vergne is F1 Top Model material or not. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say … not. 😉