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Who’s That Lady (Reprise)

04/02/2011 6 comments

Remember when I didn’t know who Petrov’s lady err manager was? Well, it has happened again. I don’t know the lady who was with Petrov at Valencia.

But… I can tell you that she probably dyes her hair… and that she is carrying a Chanel GST with gold hardware in the above photo. For those unfamiliar with Chanel handbags, GST stands for Grand Shopping Tote and has an equally grand price tag of approximately $2400 USD. @_@

Anyone know who Petrov’s guest is? I’d be happy to be enlightened. 😡

Thanks to Sladex and @flic19 for letting me know this bottle redhead lady is Maria Morgun. 😉


A Horrid Trend Resurfaces

18/10/2010 3 comments

Remember those horrible mini backpacks from the 1990s that everyone used as a “purse”? They looked like this:

For those that couldn’t afford leather, they also came in canvas… often with straps made from zippers. Cause that way, they could be used as a single strap backpack slung casually over the shoulder, or perhaps crossbody. (barf).

Well anyway, they’re back. At first it was limited to just hipsters who wore them for ironic value. Then fashion bloggers like fashiontoast started wearing them, cause they were made by Chanel. Cause yea, a branded item makes an ugly thing that much better. Everyone knows that, right? 😛


Well, now all the F1 fans can curse the hipsters and bloggers because they have even made it into the F1 paddock. Jessica Michibata was spotted in Suzuka sporting a Chanel backpack a la FashionToast. 😛

Don’t believe your eyes? Here is Jessica with the infernal backpack again whilst shopping at Kitson:

What do we think of this 1990s throwback? Apparently, minimalism isn’t the only thing that came back…

Catherine Hyde Goes Green

27/09/2010 2 comments

Catherine was wearing a green and white leaf printed maxi dress on Sunday. For those that have been reading the blog for awhile, you may have noticed this dress is a repeat from Montreal. However this time Catherine paired the dress with black platform peeptoe stilettos and a Chanel caviar jumbo flap bag.* Unfortunately I cannot identify the watch. She was worried about what the humidity would do to her hair, but it looks fine wavy. The funniest part of the photo is definitely the two Canon SLRs on the chair (look at that L lens! :P). Perhaps Catherine wanted to sit down?

Watch out photographers! Catherine may be one of the nicest girlfriends in F1, but don’t mess with a lady in stilettos! Better move those cameras, it looked like she meant business. 😉

So which styling option do we prefer? Montreal’s styling was casual with the slouchy bag and flat sandals. However, her hair was sleek and more polished. In Singapore the accessories were formal, but the hair was casual. Both looks work, they are just different.

Catherine is also on twitter, her account is @KataHyde.

* Since Chanel bags are horridly out of my price range. I rarely go into Chanel and look at their bags so I may have the bag sizing wrong. Do correct me if this is not the jumbo size.

Baby Mama

16/09/2010 7 comments

Rafaella Bassi returned to the paddock in Monza with baby Felipinho in tow. Again she kept it low key in a white tank top, mirrored aviators, and her camel Chanel bag (the nanny is carrying it for her HAHA). Unfortunately, the bottom half is not visible due the the stroller. I wonder if the Benetton bag was filled with new goodies or simply used to hold various items.

As I suspected earlier, the nanny does indeed sport a Gucci diaper bag.

Here’s a closer shot of the cute Felipinho:

Such a stylish baby must be the work of Rafaela. Felipinho was all dressed up to go to the paddock in his rugby polo shirt and Puma tennis shoes. I wonder if these shoes were free/sponsored by Puma? It does make one wonder at times!

Sunny Side Up

02/08/2010 11 comments

Look it’s another sunny yellow item from Raquel del Rosario. During qualifying, she wore a yellow halter dress by BCBG. This dress was cute, but due to the tent shape it is unrealistic for certain body types to wear it. Luckily for Raquel she is thin enough to pull it off. She also used a black Chanel bag, likely the classic medium flap. However I can’t make an ID for sure without visual confirmation of the size. 🙂

The shoes were a bit clunky due to the wooden platform. Not to mention that wooden platforms are murder on feet. =x I couldn’t find the exact pair of shoes that Raquel wore, but this pair by KORS Michael Kors comes close:

Sunny Days are Here

29/07/2010 13 comments

Raquel brought some sunshine with her, just look at the cute yellow bag! In Sring/Summer 2009 Chanel released two yellow bags in two different leathers (caviar and lambskin). The caviar color name was 10C and the lambskin version was named Jaune. It’s a little hard to tell which one Raquel was using by the color since the bag is in shadow (10C is a warmer yellow while Jaune was significantly cooler). I’m guessing this is the lambskin one though. However I am not a rabid Chanel fan… so I could be wrong.

Raquel was also wearing Ray Ban plastic aviators and a beaded necklace. Her outfit was youthful and casual. I like the way she tied the belt, but it made the dress bunch up unattractively thus making a faux muffin top. This could probably be solved by belting the dress higher, perhaps at the natural waistline.

I wish there were some pictures of the shoes though… but I hope to see more of Raquel this weekend. yey!

Thanks to Melodie for the photos with Raquel’s shoes:

I’m trying to identify these shoes, but I’m not sure yet. They remind me of the Ann Demeulemeester buckle booties, but I don’t think they came in beige. Also the Demeulemeester booties have more straps than Raquel’s shoes. Arg! >_< A similar pair is available from Surface to Air:

Melodie has also identified Raquel’s dress, it is from La vie de Rosita. Thanks! 🙂

Raquel’s shoes may also be Sandro (thanks again to Melodie). Sandro is available at, but it seems the beige is out of stock now. For those who have trouble buying Sandro, consider Jeffrey Campbell shoes. JC always copies “hot shoes” from high end designers (Balmain, Ann Demeulemeester, Acne, Alexander Wang etc).

Vivian and Bottega <3

10/07/2010 8 comments

Vivian Sibold was wearing a simple grey t shirt with lavender undertones, a super cute mini skirt, and a mushroom colored cardigan. I really like the details on the skirt and the beaded belt she used to accentuate the waist. ❤

Vivian was also wearing a Chanel charm necklace and black T-strap wedge sandals. She also wore these items in Malaysia! As I said before, it is nice to see some repetition of accessories, it shows that she really likes the items in my opinion. 🙂 However, this time Vivian was carrying a Bottega Venetta handbag. At first I thought she was using the Cabat style, but upon closer inspection Vivian is using the Milano. There are two styles of Milano bags, a vintage one and a newer style. Vivian is using the newer Milano which has been in production since 2009.

Vivian’s ensemble is a good example of using accessories on a simple outfit. Each of the clothing items are simple (excluding the skirt perhaps). However the necklace, belt, and bag made everything more eye catching. Of course not everyone can afford high end accessories, but the overall feeling of the outfit can be easily recreated by anyone. 🙂