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Hamilton Not So Corporate Now?

27/05/2010 13 comments

Umm… it looks like Christian Klien is no longer the only driver on the grid with earrings. Hamilton was photographed wearing these somewhat discreet earrings in Turkey. But the real question is: Since when did Hamilton wear earrings?

I’m pretty sure these piercings are new. Despite the small size of the studs, I hope my powers of observation have not failed me until now. To verify, I looked at Hamilton’s photos from Monaco. There were no earrings in sight in Monaco. However, without a closer headshot, I can’t quite tell if his ears were pierced already or not. I’m leaning towards no, scars are visible pierced ear lobes even if they are pierced during childhood. But if anyone knows more about this topic, correct me if I am wrong.

So what do we think of Hamilton’s earrings? Is it cool and modern? Metrosexual perhaps? Or is it a “teenage rebellion” against corporate McLaren’s image (first the facial hair.. and now this)? I am not against males wearing earrings… but I feel they need a certain “image” to pull them off… one that I’m not sure Hamilton has.

In the Garage… No One Cares About Bling Blings

08/05/2010 2 comments

Except for test driver Christian Klien that is. Where is his bling bling? It’s fairly obvious… But for those that don’t know where to look, just look at his earring, that diamond is huge! Or at least I assume it is a diamond, I guess it could be a cubic zirconia. =X

I’m pretty sure Christian Klien is the only driver wearing an earring. I could be wrong though… so if another driver (or test driver) wears earrings… feel free to correct me (preferably with photographic evidence haha).

So I was wrong, Klien doesn’t wear a diamond earring. I’m not quite sure what it is… possibly a silver or platinum stud. Anyone have a more educated guess?