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Oksana Dresses Smartly for Singapore

26/09/2010 2 comments

A kaftan was an excellent choice of attire for Singapore. Kaftans can be more forgiving for some body types and have an airy and light feeling, perfect for hot weather. 🙂

Oksana has worn this kaftan before, I believe it was last seen in Malaysia. I’m not a big fan of kaftans, but Oksana can pull them off. She looks especially great in this one due to the rich blue color. She wore a different pair of black glasses, Oksana might be able to compete with Eddie Jordan for the title of “person with the most pairs of glasses in F1.” This pair of glasses looks good, I wouldn’t mind having a pair… if only I knew the brand! 🙂


Recycle Reduce Reuse?

16/09/2010 1 comment

Despite most of the attention spent on drivers, wives, and girlfriends, the pit walk doesn’t forget about managers, especially Oksana Kossatchenko! The outfits Oksana wore at Monza on Friday and Saturday happened to be repeats.

The black Burberry polo she wore on Friday was first spotted at Hockenheim:

She has even left the same number of buttons undone! It’s hard to say whether the glasses were the same or not since the other photo was taken at a greater distance. I do however liked the dégradé effect on her acetate frames!

Saturday’s outfit was an almost exact clone from Monaco’s ensemble:

The differences this time: the black and white striped shirt and a printed red scarf. Everything else, including the glasses, was the same. I still think this is a chic look, but the red glasses look a bit like reading glasses.

Glasses can be a fun accessory, just ask Eddie Jordan (or William So.. haha). Which pair of glasses do the readers prefer on Oksana? Or do the readers give both pairs a thumbs down? The black pair seems to fit Oksana’s face better, the red ones seem a bit wide. Black is also a bit harsh for her coloring, especially while wearing black! Though the red frame looks a bit sexy secretary-ish, it brightened up Oksana’s face. hrm… a tough choice…

Paint it Black

23/07/2010 6 comments

Oksana Kossatchenko was totally blue in Silverstone and she dressed in monotone again at Hockenheim. Oksana was wearing a Burberry polo with the collar rakishly turned up (for style.. of course!), black capris, a knee length cardigan and black jeweled flats. I’m not sure about the brand of the flats, but jeweled flats are still popular and a similar pair should be easy to find.

Here’s a cheap-ish shoe I found at Nordstrom, available for $65 USD:

Perhaps an all black ensemble was perfect for the black weather? In any case, Oksana looked chic despite the rain. Hats off to her for not wearing something like Wellies.

P.S. Petrov got caught in an awkward pose. He looked kind of like a monkey here. @_@

Oksana was Blue Like my Heart

14/07/2010 4 comments

Royal blue collared shirt. Vintage washed boot-cut blue jeans. Blue court shoes with bows. Blue blue blue! Well, it IS a good color on Oksana… but maybe a bit of an overdose on the color? Well at least the shirt has some kind of burnt orange embroidery detail on it. She looks fairly happy here… maybe because Petrov* is taking care of her bag? HAHA. Kidding~

* hmm is Petrov wearing Russia Pride shoes?

Oksana Kossatchenko Follows Fabiana…

25/06/2010 2 comments

In wearing Custo Barcelona that is. Oksana’s top just screams Custo… and if she was not actually wearing Custo… it’s a brand that is very much inspired by them. Oksana coordinated her pants to match her top… and it looks a little too “matchy matchy.” Pastels and other light colors make anyone look heavier than they are. It’s simple, dark colors make things recede and lighter colors bring them forward. This is exactly what is happening with Oksana’s trousers… and I would wager these trousers are just a tad too snug. Like a car accident, I can’t look away! The crotch action and bursting pants action. Let’s try not to imagine muffin-top action all right? @_@ No wonder she stuck to kaftans before …

I’m not a fan of oversized logo belts either, but Oksana has the dough and freedom to buy a Gucci logo belt if she wants (or perhaps Petrov bought it for her as a gift? Kidding…!) She was also wearing her usual Tom Ford sunglasses.

Overall… this outfit is ok, despite the fail of the pants. It’s great that Oksana has a young spirit. Being older shouldn’t stop people from enjoying fashion and color! She is also not afraid to show some cleavage action as well. Is this what you call “fearless”? haha.

A for effort? =X

No Kaftan for Oksana Kossatchenko in Monaco

17/05/2010 1 comment

There’s something I really like about this outfit. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it all… with statement pieces in red. It should be mentioned that I don’t even LIKE red, but it works here. I’m really loving Oksana’s glasses, they’re bold and fun. Maybe she could talk about eyewear with Eddie Jordan? I also like how the collar of her jacket is jauntily popped up with the scarf on top.

Anyway, good job Oksana for keeping it age appropriate, elegant, and chic in Monaco. 😀

Who’s That Lady?

04/04/2010 5 comments

Seriously, who is Vitaly Petrov’s guest? I keep seeing her in the Renault garage… but she seems a bit old to be his girlfriend… a bit young to be his mother… I suppose best friend / cousin / sister are options. Who knows, I certainly don’t.

In any case, the mystery woman was wearing a patterned blue kaftan with Tom Ford sunglasses. I’m not really a fan of kaftans as they are rather amorphous and remind me of Rachel Zoe. However, kaftans are comfortable and can hide figure flaws.

Question answered via comment (thanks~): Oksana Kossatchenko. Vitaly’s manager.