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Recycle Reduce Reuse?

Despite most of the attention spent on drivers, wives, and girlfriends, the pit walk doesn’t forget about managers, especially Oksana Kossatchenko! The outfits Oksana wore at Monza on Friday and Saturday happened to be repeats.

The black Burberry polo she wore on Friday was first spotted at Hockenheim:

She has even left the same number of buttons undone! It’s hard to say whether the glasses were the same or not since the other photo was taken at a greater distance. I do however liked the dégradé effect on her acetate frames!

Saturday’s outfit was an almost exact clone from Monaco’s ensemble:

The differences this time: the black and white striped shirt and a printed red scarf. Everything else, including the glasses, was the same. I still think this is a chic look, but the red glasses look a bit like reading glasses.

Glasses can be a fun accessory, just ask Eddie Jordan (or William So.. haha). Which pair of glasses do the readers prefer on Oksana? Or do the readers give both pairs a thumbs down? The black pair seems to fit Oksana’s face better, the red ones seem a bit wide. Black is also a bit harsh for her coloring, especially while wearing black! Though the red frame looks a bit sexy secretary-ish, it brightened up Oksana’s face. hrm… a tough choice…

  1. Kateafan
    21/09/2010 at 12:08 pm

    Love Oksana… such a stylish addition to the paddock. The black frame style suits her better but the red does look hot.

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