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Eddie Jordan and Mykita


Do you like designer glasses? EJ does… and I do too, I currently wear a pair from La Font. Seriously, if I am going to wear glasses, I might as well have cool ones. Like HK pop star William So, I think glasses can be an accessory item since they frame the eyes.

For those that must know, EJ is wearing glasses from Mykita. Mykita is based in Germany and supposedly their frames are “hand made in Berlin,” whatever that means. I had considered Mykita frames myself, but I didn’t like their acetate frames (they do have some sleek minimalistic styles in metal though). Check them out on their official website… EJ is also featured on there under “Celebrities.” Since it’s a flash based site, click “Eddie and the Robbers” to see his photo. =X

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King of Rolled Sleeves

I have a lot of interesting observations about this past weekend’s race in Singapore, but before I go into it, I must declare David Coulthard the King of Rolled Sleeves. DC’s sleeves are (almost) always impeccably rolled to the elbow. Sometimes the sleeves are rolled to the 3/4 length… but it is always very neatly done.

I tried rolling up the sleeves of my dress shirt… and I found it to be harder than it looks! Rolling them haphazardly is quite easy, but to have neat folds and symmetry in length for both sleeves is slightly more challenging.

This might sound slightly neurotic and obsessive, but I even went to work in a DC-styled-shirt which quickly turned into an Eddie Jordan-styled-shirt. So what does my DC-shirt-styling entail? Evenly rolled cuffs (to the elbow), shirt tucked in, two buttons undone.

The easiest way to roll the sleeves (for me) neatly was to do roll them before I put my shirt shirt on. That way, I could be sure the two cuffs were even in width and neat (NO BULKY ROLLS!). However, this only works for people with reasonably slim arms and fists that are not overly large in diameter. I am serious about the fist diameter, that is one of the measurements taken when getting fitted for a bespoke shirt. 😛 Luckily, I have twig-like arms, so works for me. 😛 For others not as blessed as myself (ha.. joking… who wants twig arms? 😦 ) I suggest fixing the rolled cuff after every roll to avoid bulky messy rolls.

For those that truly want to be like DC then a dress shirt with a higher collar must also be selected. I have noticed he seems to favor shirts with higher collars that stand up nicely (take note EJ and JH!).

And what is EJ-shirt-styling? Well… my version of EJ-shirt-style has less neatly rolled cuffs at 3/4 length, shirt UNtucked (I was going for the EJ-youth-style), and three orr four buttons undone, and the collar opened wider. To make the EJ-style work-safe, I had to wear a tank top under my shirt….

That’s right, you heard me. EJ-shirt-styling is NOT WORK SAFE/APPROPRIATE. OMGWTFBBQ…. epic fail… I actually had an outfit semi-inspired by EJ… I am almost embarrassed for myself (but why did I type it out? I don’t know, JESUS…). Luckily, there is no photographic evidence of this weirdness so I am safe in the real world (well, not that anyone I know at work would’ve known I was doing a DC/EJ look… so I guess it wouldn’t matter even if photos existed….).

Anyway, congratulations to DC. Hats off to DC for being declared (by little me) the King of Rolled Sleeves. Not that DC knows I wrote this…

Representative screen captures of the King of Rolled Sleeves will be coming this weekend when I have procrastinate my projects spare time.


No no, not Nelshino. I’m talking about Nelson Piquet Jr.’s unibrow here. I have noticed in various photos that Piquet has some unibrow action going on. Seeing those excess hairs just makes me want to PLUCK THEM for him. Given the chance, I also wouldn’t mind trimming those slightly longer hairs on his left eyebrow… or smoothing them down with a bit of brow gel (or wax). =X

Poor Piquet, I’m sure his unibrow is the least of his worries now… but do examine the photo and see for yourself!

Who do you think has the best eyebrows in F1? I shall examine this topic at a later point.

piquet - large headshot(2)

PS Find out more than you ever wanted to know about unibrows at Wikipedia

Up Simba!

20/09/2009 1 comment

Romain Grosjean used to have neat short hair… but the only face of Grosjean I have known is the long-haired-skater-Grosjean from this season’s F1.

I don’t know how many people noticed, but when I saw Grosjean’s wild hair, I was just reminded of LION KING. Specifically, the Lion King Broadway Musical Logo. Do you see it too?

So Grosjean… do you want to be king? Work hard and here are some Lion King quotes for you….

Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past are up there, watching over us.
Young Simba: Really?
Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.

Spirit of Mufasa: Simba, you have forgotten me. You have forgotten who you are and so forgotten me. Look inside your self Simba, you are more than what you have become, you must take your place in the circle of life. Remember who you are…. remember….

Up Simba

Lewis Hamilton’s #1 Accessory

14/09/2009 1 comment

lewis bottle

Hamilton’s #1 accessory is not that Pussycat Doll, but his water bottle. It seems that every time he appears on the BBC coverage he is seen with a Vodafone water bottle in hand and an Egyptian cotton* towel round the neck.

My theory is that Hamilton constantly drinks water to keep his skin in tip top condition. He is virtually poreless to my eye, it makes me want to see if Hamilton’s skin is flawless in person as well (it probably is!). By maintaining his perfect skin, Hamilton will be able to land a sponsor and advertisement endorsements from a makeup or skincare brand. I think I’d like to see the shu uemura or Shiseido logo as a sponsor. Quite honestly, I can see him being the face of Shiseido which has a penchant for using half-Asian and non-Asian models in their campaigns.

* I am not certain of the fiber content nor origins of his towel. For all I know Hamilton could be using an eco friendly towel made of bamboo and hemp. LOL.

Kimi is One Lucky Alien

14/09/2009 1 comment

jennie raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen…is one lucky alien.  If you are wondering why I say he is like an alien, just watch his post-race press conference at Monza.  It will be clear.  Or maybe not.  (PS I do like Kimi :P)

Getting back on topic, Kimi’s wife Jennie is very pretty and stylish (or at least she seems to be from what I can see).  Are you loving her sunglasses?  They’re nothing “new,” but Jennie was spotted wearing Tom Ford’s Whitney style sunglasses at Saturday’s practice.  This style is popular with Hollywood celebrities and will set you back $360 USD at retail price.

Stuck in the 80s

Stuck in teh 80s

Oh Kubica…. there are so many things wrong with this.  The graphic T-shirt… the glasses… what the wind did to your hair….

I do like cool T shirts, but just one just screams serious ugly.  The screen print of those hideous “blind” type sunglasses, in yellow no less. The weird green splotches at the top; is that supposed to be an image of blood from the graphic blowing its brains out? I guess it’s supposed to be an 80’s inspired “horror” type shirt? I don’t know, but this combined with Kubica’s retirement during the race makes the weekend at Monza a bust.

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