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Lewis Hamilton’s #1 Accessory

lewis bottle

Hamilton’s #1 accessory is not that Pussycat Doll, but his water bottle. It seems that every time he appears on the BBC coverage he is seen with a Vodafone water bottle in hand and an Egyptian cotton* towel round the neck.

My theory is that Hamilton constantly drinks water to keep his skin in tip top condition. He is virtually poreless to my eye, it makes me want to see if Hamilton’s skin is flawless in person as well (it probably is!). By maintaining his perfect skin, Hamilton will be able to land a sponsor and advertisement endorsements from a makeup or skincare brand. I think I’d like to see the shu uemura or Shiseido logo as a sponsor. Quite honestly, I can see him being the face of Shiseido which has a penchant for using half-Asian and non-Asian models in their campaigns.

* I am not certain of the fiber content nor origins of his towel. For all I know Hamilton could be using an eco friendly towel made of bamboo and hemp. LOL.


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