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Japan’s Cute Fans

21/10/2010 3 comments

Last year, I posted about some crazy Japanese Ferrari fans. This year, I have decided to focus on the cute fans instead.

Let’s start with this lady:

Hmm… there’s just so much going on, much like what you would see in Japanese street style photos. There’s the Miffy water bottle bag, a DSLR, small point and shoot camera, the leopard backpack… and of course the tiered skirt in Germany’s colors (and the Mercedes team gear). WOW! This is some serious fan!!! I like the overall crazy look, it’s just crazy enough, know what I mean?

A cute mother and daughter were also spotted:

I understand that kids take up a lot of time and often the mother does not have time to look fashionable. But it’s nice to see a cute fashionable mother, isn’t it? I particularly like her hair and grey boots. 🙂

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Fans are scary too

12/01/2010 1 comment

Sometimes it is the fans who have a scary fashion sense. While I am open minded and love Japanese street fashion… I can genuinely say these Japanese Ferrari fans are just plain weird. Spirited, yes. Over zealous? Maybe. But definitely over the top and…. weird.

Where can you even buy those hats? (well… in Japan most probably?) But here’s a scarier thought. What if they made them? Or purchased a custom order of them?



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