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Where did Seb get that?

15/03/2012 2 comments

image: espnf1

Oh, isn’t that cute? Vettel was matchy matchy with his girlfriend~~~ They were both wearing parkas and white tops (although Vettel’s looks a little sweater-like). Vettel was also wearing a verrry familiar looking scarf. While I don’t track driver stats per se, I do tend to track their accessories.

So where have I seen this scarf before?

On Wolfman in Spa 2010, that’s where:

Perhaps Wolfman gave it to Vettel as a parting gift? Or maybe Vettel is just copping Wolfman’s style? Or is it Red Bull team gear? πŸ˜‰ Who knows.

edit: It is in fact Red Bull team gear! Check out this photo I found of Vergne. If you enlarge it, the Red Bull logo can be seen. This is a rather clever graphic design isn’t it? Despite my hate for logos, I rather like this take on a geometric pattern…

Naturally the next question is, where can Red Bull fans get this scarf? I’m not sure, but the flagship store in Austria would be my best bet.


Not just for the kiddies

While the Red Bull merchandise is certainly aimed towards a younger market, it can be worn by anyone. These impressions are further re-enforced with numerous photos of Vettel and the Toro Rosso drivers wearing the hoodies and jackets. But good design is for everyone (including Webber ;))! I don’t think I have seen photos of Webber wearing the Red Bull hoodies so I thought I’d share them on the blog:

Here is Webber at Jerez:

photo: nextgen-auto

At Barcelona:

photo: nextgen-auto

It looks good on all of the guys, right? Of course the next question is: Who wore it best?

Naturally. πŸ˜‰

Need a memory refresh? Click here. And here.

Design Challenge… Vettel vs Webber

08/12/2010 1 comment

Can F1 drivers be “designers”? With Red Bull’s Marketing Genius Team they can. Vettel and Webber have both designed t shirts for Red Bull’s Wings for Life program, which benefits research for paraplegia.

Let’s examine the designs of each driver, shall we?

Here is Vettel’s design:

Hmm. How creative… err not really. I think this design is pretty uninspiring. After all, it’s not like he designed the graphic, it already existed. Perhaps it was Vettel’s idea to have the print to be “distressed.” I duno, but this isn’t for me.

Here is Webber’s design:

It’s rather cute and clever, isn’t it? This design could appeal to both men and women and is more interesting than Vettel’s design. Good job Webber, I’m sure the designers at RB like your design more than Vettel’s (I sure do anyway!!!).

Bonus points awarded to Webber for maintaining “model attitude” in this photo. πŸ˜‰

Whose t-shirt would you wear? I’d wear Webber’s over Vettel’s any day. If you are interested in these t-shirts, they are available for purchase at the Official Red Bull Online shop for about 35 euros.

Caught in the act

22/10/2010 8 comments

Aww… look at happy Buemi. He just looks so happy with his iPad. But it looks like he was caught doing something incriminating on his iPad. Perhaps he found some pr0n? Nah.. he must be watching the video of himself doing the F1 car impression. Yes, that must be it… Buemi’s impression is just so good he feels the need to rewatch it over and over… and over again. πŸ˜‰

I first posted about this video in March, the original post is here.

For the lazy, the video is embedded below:

To keep this fashion related, what do the readers think of the Red Bull hoodie that Buemi is wearing above? I think I like the one with the large raging bull on it better:


Red Bull and Ferrari fight on

With the championship hotting up for the season… there are many other fights going on in F1. Of course, the Ugly Sunglasses Championship has been going on all season long. A different battle was fought in Suzuka, which I am eager to share with my readers. πŸ˜‰

The points may be tied for WDC, but who will win the Battle of Bad Hair Days ?

Red Bull Racing vs. Ferrari

From Red Bull Racing we have podium bad hair:

To be fair… this was clearly a result from sweating and removing the P1 cap.

Nando likes to be #1 at everything. Before I had crowned him King of F1 (only for hair!), but it seems he can have another crown now. The crown for biggest messiest hair in F1 perhaps?

With that intense stare, it seems like Nando doesn’t agree with me. That hairstyle was “so intentional.” Yeah, whatever Nando.

Ebil Webber

02/09/2010 2 comments

I sympathize with Mark Webber. Really, I do. He seems like a good guy!

But, does anyone else think that sometimes Webber looks really super evil and devilish? I guess he just gets caught in some bad expressions on television and certain photos…

I can’t be the only one, right?

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Even the Bible has Errors

06/08/2010 1 comment

WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) is the bible of the fashion industry. But even the bible has errors. Apparently Ferrari is launching a new men’s scent that will be called Scuderia. It is supposed to be inspired by world of Formula One and Fernando Alonso will be the face of the cologne.

That’s good and everything… but they put a photo of MARK WEBBER on their web page. I don’t expect WWD to know how the different drivers look. But, umm, how could they miss the RED BULL lettering? Not to mention the Red Bull racing motorhome is in the background. And where’s the ever so famous eye popping FERRARI RED? Don’t they at least know that Ferrari is known for the color red?

I guess not.

Maybe I should write for WWD. Yeah, that’s it.