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A Shirt for EJ

26/09/2011 2 comments

Due to the Ladytron concert on Sunday, I did not get to update my blog like I had planned. I’m quite ashamed that the blog has fallen into a pit of neglect. ~_~ For now, I have a bit of entertainment for the loyal readers.

I have found a new shirt for our dear EJ. I believe it has details that he would enjoy: bold color, whimsical print.

What in the world did I find? Why the Muppets x Opening Ceremony collaboration. While I realize this shirt is categorized under “women,” it is menswear styled. Wouldn’t EJ just be so adorable with little Kermit the Frog faces all over his torso?

And the perfect EJ trouser pairing for this Kermit shirt would be:

Isn’t that a very EJ look? I wouldn’t lie to my dear readers. 😉

If you fancy the Kermit shirt, it retails for $180USD at Opening Ceremony.

P.S. I hope to have some ‘real’ posts out soon….

Starting the new season off right ~

07/04/2011 3 comments

Did everyone like watching F1 in HD? I sure did (ok… I had to settle for 320p resolution for quali since that was available more quickly at the time). Every bead of sweat, every pore… and every dress shirt in almost alarming detail. Yay! 😀

HD means better screen caps for this blog… although I had help from @MisterPigz with this because he had higher quality video sources than I did for both quali and race.

Melbourne quali:

screencap: @Misterpigz

During quali, EJ showed the world that he could not be possibly one upped by me. Indeed, I was quite right : plaid/paisley is a winning combi for EJ. All right, EJ is technically wearing gingham/paisley, but it’s close enough. I made the call two months ago anyway.

As for DC, he really likes this blue shirt with breast pockets, because he wore that shirt at least three times in 2010. Yes, I did the stats on it, though I haven’t posted them (BAD BAD ME!!!).

While none of our dear BBC crew has matched their shirts yet, it seems that Jake seems vaguely inspired by DC. Notice his shirt also has two breast pockets. 😉 Maybe he wanted one too after seeing DC wear it a few times last year?

Melbourne race day:

screencap: @Misterpigz

On race day at Melbourne, DC just had to wear a pink shirt. Is there any significance in this choice? 2010 was a long time ago, but DC wore the very same pink shirt at the beginning of the season too.

Bahrain 2010 quali:

screencap: by me 😉

Wow. Talk about starting the season off in the same way. 😉

Jake’s shirt is more forgettable… a dark tone (eggplant maybe? I’ll have to rewatch the race specifically for this detail)… But please note the double pockets again. Maybe DC really is his muse now? I guess that’s fine as long as Jake doesn’t start dressing like EJ. I have to admit that I was kind of excited to see EJ’s race day shirt in HD. At first glace, I thought EJ was wearing a shirt with oversized polka dots. But it soon became clear (thanks to the HD feed) that EJ’s shirt was merely giving my eyes optical illusions. I’m not quite sure how to describe the pattern… but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Are you all excited for Malaysia? Renault’s “reflective gold” suits… the questionable Malaysian grid girl uniform (I hope they axe those fugly white sandals this year)… EJ’s next shirt choice.

I can’t wait! 🙂

P.S. The screen caps @Misterpigz helped with are actually quite good… but somehow wordpress is enlarging all of my photos and making them grainier than the original 😦

Sunny California???

It has been raining here… it’s not always “sunny California” here. 😉

Anyhoo I came across these SUPER x Liberty limited edition sunglasses and my first thoughts were : EDDIE JORDAN.

Yeah, old-man-retro-sunglasses x floral print… it has EJ’s name all over it, don’t you think? He probably has a matching shirt anyway. 😉 Actually, they’re not so bad, the shape is a bit cat-eyed, though not in the normal way.

If you fancy these, these can be purchased online at SUPER’s online web shop for 153 euros. It’s not cheap to be EJ. @_@

P.S. As someone that owns SUPER sunglasses, I do not recommend leaving them in the car. Mine got terribly warped due to the heat and it was biatch for my optometrist to bend them back properly. They’re sadly still a little distorted. 😦

Inside EJ’s Closet

Have you ever wondered what EJ’s closet would be like? After seeing the polka dotted shirt he wore in Brazil, I had a BRILLIANT revelation.

EJ’s closet must look something like this:

Yes, this is a photo of racing silks (from Churchill Downs in case anyone was wondering).

EJ’s shirt from Brazil reminded me of racing silks due to the oversized polka dots. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. The electric colors EJ tends to favor would blend right in at the track!

As a bonus, if he ever tires of his job at the BBC, he could be a jockey! (All right, maybe not, he’s too old and heavy).

A Match Made in Heaven

No, it isn’t Lewis x Nicole. Nor is it Jenson x Jessica*. I’ll stop listing various drivers and girlfriends/wives now.

In fact, the best scariest combination in F1 is Eddie Jordan x Lapo Elkann. They both love color, patterns, and are adventurous with their clothes (often with quite dubious results).

Of course Lapo was at Monza this weekend:

So who do you prefer out of the Eddie Jordan x Lapo Elkann combination? Perhaps EJ has finally met his match.. err soulmate? HAHA.

* Did anyone notice their names both start with J? I guess it is obvious… but it just hit me. =X

Does Christian Horner Live in a Glass House?

30/08/2010 2 comments

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or so the saying goes.

As much as I love the way Christian Horner makes fun of EJ’s semi questionable choice in shirts… perhaps he shouldn’t criticize EJ so much. After all, Horner is mostly seen wearing Red Bull team gear. There isn’t much thought required to pull a uniform outfit together!

When I finally see him in his own clothes… Horner appears to be equally questionable himself! For example, in Valencia, he had the most obvious crotch action going on. The pink windowpane shirt in Turkey was all right, but I’m afraid Horner is channeling a bit of EJ in this purple sweater combination.

So what do we think… does Horner have a right to judge EJ? Is the pot calling the kettle black?