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Malaysian GP Grid Position Winners and Losers

11/04/2011 3 comments

So… what is the grid position “winners and losers”? I have alluded to the little game I play whilst watching a F1 race a few times on the blog. I’m pretty sure it is well understood. But for those who haven’t read those posts, a pictorial explanation is much easier (and funnier). Those that follow me on twitter may recall a rather bold statement where I claimed I would revolutionize the way my followers watch F1. So let’s get to it, eh?

The grid positions for each race is always divided up in groups of four. While they flash by on the screen, simply pick a “winner” and “loser” from each grouping. The sole factor for defining the “winner” and “loser” is the DRIVER PHOTO. This is a looks and photogenicity contest! Now, sometimes this is rather hard to decide because there may be more than one unattractive photo! Remember to play with your friends, it’s more fun that way. 😉

Without further ado, here are the Winners and Losers of the Malaysian GP:

Winner: Hamilton
Loser: Button

Winner: Heidfeld
Loser: Massa

Winner: Rosberg
Loser: Buemi

Winner: Alguersari
Loser: Barichello

Winner: Kovalainen
Loser: Trulli

Winner: Glock
Loser: Karthikeyan

Wasn’t that fun? Will you be playing this game next week for the Shanghai Grand Prix? Do tell… 😉

P.S. I do need a better jester icon. Hopefully by Shanghai I will do a better job of this. 😉


Another Driver Contest

28/06/2010 2 comments

All right, this one isn’t based on physical appearance. But, which driver has the best/worst handwriting?

Wow. This is a tough call. Everyone’s handwriting is awful! Though to be fair they had to write at an awkward angle on the board. Hm.. should I rate it based on “potential” to look decent? If that’s the case, Webber might be the “best.” The M and W are about the same size and well spaced. But Timo’s handwriting could be all right too… As for worst, it’s a toss up. They all look pretty bad. However, Vettel’s Buemi’s B looks especially ugly and Jarno can compete with doctors in terms of messy nearly illegible scrawl…

eh… I DON’T KNOW. Can’t decide!

The Real Battle of the Turkish Grand Prix

30/05/2010 2 comments

The real battle this weekend happened to be off the track. What I mean is that for some reason a few drivers decided to bring out a pair of their ugliest sunglasses for the grand prix. Let’s start with one of the main offenders… Vettel.

I’ve seen this pair of sunglasses many times and I can’t say they have grown on me at all. These white sunglasses are still as ugly as the first time I spotted them. Vettel was wearing Oakley Men’s Scalpel Iridium Sport Sunglasses.

All right… next contender for ugliest sunglasses battle is of course Robert Kubica.

Timo Glock decided to join in this weekend as well. Glock and Kubica might be wearing the same style of sunglasses (at the very least they are the same brand. I believe they are both wearing Oakley Men’s Oil Rig Iridium Sunglasses)…have a look:

Hamilton was also spotted in these unattractive Bvlgari sunglasses as well:

So who is the big winner in Turkey? Who has the ugliest pair of sunglasses this weekend? My vote goes to Vettel… at least he is leading the championship in terms of the ugliest sunglasses? Ouch =x

F1’s Top Models?

16/05/2010 6 comments

The F1 drivers try out modeling (for charity). But it looks like Timo Glock is easily distracted, he reminds me of a perverted old man here. ~_~;; I’m sorry Timo, you are not F1’s top model.

Let’s have a look at some of the drivers on the runway.

Di Grassi looks highly awkward here… sorry di Grassi, you are not F1’s top model either. I do like his blazer and scarf, but I’m not sure about those white pants.

Dolphin Sutil seems to have a pretty natural walk and his outfit is casual… I can see him wearing something similar in his normal day to day life. But what is with that scarf? The way it is tied reminds me of an elderly woman. Should he be in the running for F1’s top model?

Normally I would say Hamilton is “top model” material… but not this time. The way he’s holding his hand against his stomach is awkward… does he have a stomachache or something?

Liuzzi is also wearing a casual outfit. I wonder what the text on his t shirt says. He is carrying a man-bag that reminds me of the white bag that Sutil owns. This outfit is really similar to Sutil’s, except things look a bit big for him… note the long jacket sleeves and cuffed jeans. Sorry Liuzzi, I’m afraid I can’t choose you as the top model.

Oh look, it’s Leonardo di Caprio… my bad, it’s actually Nico Rosberg. I can’t help notice the amount of buttons he has undone for his dress shirt… and of course the pant length. Maybe he is the next top model of F1? I’m not sure, he seems like he’s trying a bit too hard.

Timo has a nice shirt and tie combination here, which coordinates nicely with the suit. But unfortunately, he is already out of the running to be the top model.

Lastly is Wolfman Algersuari. He seems at ease on the runway, as long as he is liquored up maybe? haha. With his striking coloring, he could be the top model of F1.

So what do you think? It’s a bit hard to decide… but who should be the top model of F1? Should overall photogenicity be taken into account? Hmm…. I’ll have to think it over, but here’s one last photo. Food for thought so to speak.