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Cartoon Heroes

14/02/2011 8 comments

A long long time ago I ran a contest I called The Sad Nando Face Contest. Readers of the blog (or twitter followers) could submit a photo of themselves making the world famouse Sad Nando Face. But since I knew that some people would not want to post questionably attractive photos of themselves, submitting photos of various drivers/team principals/other F1 staff was also acceptable.

The winner of the contest was @jonnywilde’s daughter and the prize he won was an illustration done by me. Since he is a McLaren lurver, he requested an illustration featuring either of the McLaren drivers. oooooh my. What a tall order! I normally draw feminine looking men. After much thought, I decided to draw Jenson and Jessica since I recalled that @jonnywilde was also a fan of Jessica.

I finally posted the drawing to @jonnywilde in January and it took a whopping 24 days to get to him. ~_~;;; And since he has finally received the prize, I can finally share the illustration with the rest of you!

Here it is… hope you all like it. Unfortunately the scan does not capture all of the details and subtlety of the shading, but here it is :

P.S. Click to enlarge
P.P.S. No, I did not trace a photo of the helmet. It was done completely freehand and it was a pain 😛

Information for art nerds:
– Illustration done on smooth vellum bristol with Prismacolor color pencils, gouache, discontinued Letraset TRIA markers, and Copic markers.


Suzuka’s Rain Battle

22/10/2010 3 comments

Hey hey… I know the photos from Korea have been released already… but there’s one more post for Suzuka: The Suzuka Rain Battle! 🙂

The first contender is Raquel del Rosario:

Raquel wore a red and black striped top with a navy military inspired jacket and skinny cut up jeans from Met. The booties she wore went well with military chic image.

Raquel’s competition is Jessica Michibata:

Jessica also wore a striped sweater in black* and white. She paired the sweater with ankle length skinny jeans and black patent ballet flats. With her hair in a chignon, the overall look was quite classic and perhaps slightly nautical inspired.

So which striped top/skinny jean combination do the readers prefer? The more classic look of Jessica or the harder edged look of Raquel? 🙂

* Or was it navy? Hard to tell!

P.S. I prefer Raquel’s look, but it is just closer to my personal aesthetic and way of dressing. 🙂

A Horrid Trend Resurfaces

18/10/2010 3 comments

Remember those horrible mini backpacks from the 1990s that everyone used as a “purse”? They looked like this:

For those that couldn’t afford leather, they also came in canvas… often with straps made from zippers. Cause that way, they could be used as a single strap backpack slung casually over the shoulder, or perhaps crossbody. (barf).

Well anyway, they’re back. At first it was limited to just hipsters who wore them for ironic value. Then fashion bloggers like fashiontoast started wearing them, cause they were made by Chanel. Cause yea, a branded item makes an ugly thing that much better. Everyone knows that, right? 😛


Well, now all the F1 fans can curse the hipsters and bloggers because they have even made it into the F1 paddock. Jessica Michibata was spotted in Suzuka sporting a Chanel backpack a la FashionToast. 😛

Don’t believe your eyes? Here is Jessica with the infernal backpack again whilst shopping at Kitson:

What do we think of this 1990s throwback? Apparently, minimalism isn’t the only thing that came back…

The Queen of Black Bras

12/10/2010 10 comments

Jessica Michibata was spotted wearing a black and white outfit on Friday at Suzuka. It was a relatively simple outfit consisting of a bandage skirt, loose fitting blazer, and a sheer white t shirt. Yes. That t shirt was obviously quite sheer, especially in the sunlight.

So the question is, why does Jessica continue to wear black bras under light colored garments*? It’s just not very classy** looking, which is ironic seeing as how Jessica has graced the covers of the Japanese magazine Classy several times. =X

Perhaps she thought wearing a black bra would spice up the ensemble? Sorry… I’m not fond of it. =_=’

* Remember her return to the paddock? Well, at least that time the dress wasn’t sheer.
** I hate this word, it’s overused… although I used it for irony.

Pants no more

27/09/2010 1 comment

Jessica returned to her mini dress loving ways on Saturday. Pants can’t keep her down, ya know? 😛 The little black and white little number she wore was fairly cute. However, I’m not sold on the little peplum ruffle thing on the back. Of course Jessica is a model and has the body to pull it off. But for most people, it will look dumpy and fat.

Jessica: Hey Jens honey, does this dress make my butt look big? Do I look fat?

Jenson: … No comment, I’m leaving.


And now that I have seen better photos of Jessica’s bag, I was wrong in my initial assessment. The Balenciaga bag is from 2005, when metallics were made. The color is either silver or pewter. I’m leaning towards silver, which just happens to match those flat thong sandals of Jessica’s. 🙂

Cover it up

25/09/2010 2 comments

Wow. Jessica Michibata wore jeans on Thursday in Singapore. How odd. Well, not really. She has worn jeans before… but there was just a discussion on this blog a few days ago about covering up. And now… she has covered up. 😉

Jessica wore a pretty floral top with grey jeans. It was a nice combination and a breath of fresh air. Finally… something besides a jersey dress! She accessorized with delicate diamond jewelry, flat sandals and a Balenciaga First handbag. I’m not sure on the color of the bag, but I’m guessing this is Mastic colored leather with pewter hardware. Pewter hardware bbags are hard to find as it was only available in 2003. However due to the distance I could be wrong.

Are we glad about Jessica’s change in attire? Perhaps the male fans prefer the usual… but it’s nice to see a change once in awhile. 🙂

Edit: The bag seems to be the raised silver hardware and not pewter. A higher resolution photo shows that the bbag does not have giant silver hardware:

White Heat

The photos from Singapore are already available… but I felt the need to finish up the material from Monza. Bear with the old material for a bit longer. 🙂

I normally don’t combine posts for girlfriends, but Isabell Reis and Jessica Michibata both wore white on race day at Monza.

Isabell’s dress was quite cute. The eyelet lace accents added a bohemian-peasant type of style to the dress. I normally don’t like bold earrings, but the earrings Isabell chose worked with the outfit. The shoes and belt also looked great with the dress.

Jessica’s race day outfit was probably my favorite from Monza:

Jessica usually wears dresses so I was happy to see her in separates for a change. The white camisole she wore was super cute, the pin tuck detailing gave the top a tuxedo shirt look. The skirt appeared to be a bandage type, which was sort of ordinary. However the stripes gave the skirt just a little more wow factor. Jessica’s accessories consisted of her usual: thin gold bangles, flat sandals, aviators, and a brand name bag.