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The Doll has Returned to the McLaren Garage

Since Dancing with the Stars is over, Nicole Scherzinger has returned to the McLaren garage. I was sad because I had enjoyed her absence from the garage. HAHAHA. I found her extremely airheaded and annoying last season. I hope her fans won’t kill me… Anyway, to my surprise, I thought she wasn’t too bad in Turkey. Hmmm…maybe I’ve grown more tolerant of her? Though I have to say I did not like how she just strolled up to DC, EJ, and JH post-race and started yapping. Anyway, let’s have a look at what she wore in Turkey.

Nicole was wearing this tribal inspired cream colored dress. While I like the concept of the dress and the overall color scheme of turquoise, coral and antiqued bronze, I find the overall execution to be bad. There’s just too much embellishment, and it’s ugly to boot. Or should I say, it’s just not my taste?

If you take a closer look… you’ll see this dress is unflattering. It makes Nicole’s hips look wider than they actually are and shortens her legs.

On race day, Nicole was seen in a dip dye maxi dress and silver flip flops. I liked the colors of the dress, especially the red toned purple. Nicole also has the body to pull off a maxi dress. Most women tend to get overwhelmed in them, but not Nicole. Her red manicure and pedicure were fun and bright.

Nicole was wearing Gucci sunglasses on both days, they look like the GG2846S model. The bag she used is the Treesje Jovi Cross body bag, which retails for $365 USD. A blue one is on sale right now at

I’ll leave the readers with this animation which I found on planetf1 forum:

To be honest I laughed at her reaction and then thought “ooooh NICE HAIR.” I wonder what brand of shampoo/conditioner/hair masks/protein packs Nicole uses. -_-;;; Anyway to sum it up Nicole had one miss this weekend… I guess it’s not too bad?


Transformers… Kini in Disguise???

02/06/2010 2 comments

Some of you may be thinking, what’s so special about this photo… it’s just Vettel running around again. The answer is… look at the t shirt. No, I don’t care about the “Kini” brand. I’m more interested in the logo design of this shirt. Does it remind you of anything? It certainly reminds me of the Transformers logo. Don’t believe me?

Here’s the Transformer’s logo:

Interesting, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me again.

Fabiana Plays it Super Safe in Turkey

This is my first post about Fabiana Flosi, the girlfriend of Bernie Eccelstone. She was wearing a bland navy outfit on Thursday:

Navy blue boatneck t-shirt… navy jeans that are too long for her legs… The only semi interesting thing about her outfit are her shoes, and they’re not even that interesting. I’m not sure, but I think those might be Moschino flats (possibly from the Cheap and Chic line).

Fabiana was slightly more interesting on race day. She wore a coral hued Missoni tunic with white jeans and bronze platform peeptoes. Those peeptoes MIGHT be Christian Louboutin, but the tell tale red sole is hidden in the shadow (and I don’t really care enough to find a higher resolution photo).

So what do we think? Was it worth leaving Slavica? Maybe Fabiana is playing it safe in terms of clothes because she doesn’t want to be overly flashy. Or maybe she’s a low maintenance nice girl? Maybe…

If you want to purchase a tunic very similar to Fabiana’s you may do so for ~$580 USD at

The Real Battle of the Turkish Grand Prix

30/05/2010 2 comments

The real battle this weekend happened to be off the track. What I mean is that for some reason a few drivers decided to bring out a pair of their ugliest sunglasses for the grand prix. Let’s start with one of the main offenders… Vettel.

I’ve seen this pair of sunglasses many times and I can’t say they have grown on me at all. These white sunglasses are still as ugly as the first time I spotted them. Vettel was wearing Oakley Men’s Scalpel Iridium Sport Sunglasses.

All right… next contender for ugliest sunglasses battle is of course Robert Kubica.

Timo Glock decided to join in this weekend as well. Glock and Kubica might be wearing the same style of sunglasses (at the very least they are the same brand. I believe they are both wearing Oakley Men’s Oil Rig Iridium Sunglasses)…have a look:

Hamilton was also spotted in these unattractive Bvlgari sunglasses as well:

So who is the big winner in Turkey? Who has the ugliest pair of sunglasses this weekend? My vote goes to Vettel… at least he is leading the championship in terms of the ugliest sunglasses? Ouch =x

Vettel Uses a Netbook

30/05/2010 1 comment

Not quite a fashion post… but Vettel was seen using a black Asus netbook in Turkey… just like me*! Well, except for the fact that I’m not actually in Turkey. =P

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure Vettel is using the Asus 1005HA model judging by the the photo here:

I wonder what he was using the webcam for. Don’t worry, he wasn’t chatting with me or anything. 😉

* Actually I use a white 900 series netbook, which is 9 inches as opposed to 10 inches.

Rosberg… Bringing Sexy Back?

30/05/2010 3 comments

Rosberg was seen running in his ugly loafers again on Thursday. Remember I first mentioned these loafers in Malaysia. Rosberg always looks like he is trying so hard to be sexay. In addition to his typical three shirt buttons undone this time his Calvin Klein underwear was showing too.

Sorry Rosberg… you are a pretty boy of F1, but I don’t think you’re bringing sexy back. Sometimes you just end up looking a bit foolish.

Corinna Schumacher Does it Again

30/05/2010 2 comments

I’m talking about the tribal trend of course. Corinna was spotted wearing this tribal inspired outfit at Saturday’s practice. I’m not sick of the tribal trend on Corinna yet because she manages to make it different each time.

Corinna’s blouse was sheer and airy, giving it a feeling of lightness. The embroideries and embellishments at the neckline were a bit more subtle since they were silver, they blended into the blouse. She was also using her taupe colored Hermes Birkin again. Her pose seems to say, “Yeah, I love the tribal trend, so what?” haha.

Though she went a little overboard with the jewelry, I have to say I’m really loving the pieces she wore. The bracelet was great, it coordinated wonderfully with the details on the blouse. While I don’t like the cross pendent so much, overall the long charm necklace Corinna wore was really cute. I liked the wing charm especially. Here’s a closeup of her necklace:

Corinna even wore some floral hair pins:

I’m not sure the hair pins go too well with the ensemble, but I like them as stand alone objects… maybe with another outfit.

Corinna also wore jeans at the proper length, jeweled flip flops, and a burgundy pedicure as evident in this photo:

Thank you Corinna for wearing jeans at the right length. I think her feet look pretty small and cute… look at the tiny pinky toe nail! I like the dark burgundy nail polish she chose… but it bothers me that the pedicure was imperfect on the big toe nails. I hope she didn’t pay too much money for her pedicure (or here’s hoping she did it herself!).

Anyway, overall lovely summer outfit Corinna. If you decide you don’t like your jewelry anymore, please mail it to me… I’d love to have it. =P