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Sauber’s Angels

28/01/2011 4 comments

image: nextgenauto

The Sauber team was working on their fitness levels during their winter camp, but I think they were also practicing another skill. Photoshoot skill, to be exact. In 2010, none of the Sauber drivers (and test drivers) made it on my radar for “F1’s Top Model.” Perhaps Sauber wants to change this for 2011. 😉

Afterall, here we have the Sauber drivers doing the famous Charlie’s Angels pose:

image: google

I do think the Original Angels were sexier though:

image: google

P.S. Watch out Petrov. Esteban is looking like a killer now. =X

image: nextgen-auto


Fashion Design 101

16/09/2010 4 comments

If you have never had bespoke clothing made (or never made garments), then you may not be aware of all the body measurements that need to be taken. Luckily there are photos from Monza of the lovely Vettel and Kobayashi having their measurements taken. So, let’s go over them yeah?

Front length:

This is a torso measurement taken from the collar drop. The same measurement should be taken at the back at the neck.

Back shoulder width:

This is taken at the top of the shoulder cap. Vettel is distracted by the camera, but if you ever have your measurements taken, you are supposed to look straight ahead to avoid any distortion whilst measuring.

The same measurement should also be taken from the front. The front and back widths are not necessarily the same due to posture.

Waist measurement:

The waist is taken at the “natural” waistline, which is below the ribcage. Forget all that low-rise nonsense. 😉 Hip measurements are also taken.

Chest/bust measurement:

This is fairly obvious, but on women measure at the fullest point (though that is irrelevant here!).

Arm length:

Actually two types of length measurements are taken. One is the bent arm measurement, as shown by Kobayashi. The other is measuring the length while the arm is resting naturally at the side. Sometimes the distance to the elbow is also taken.

Neck size:

Men are probably familiar with this one as they buy dress shirts according to neck size.

Leg length:

Depending on what is being made, different leg length measurements on the outside of the leg and the inside. By inside, I mean the inside leg aka “inseam.” And yes… Seb’s jeans are too long. From the amount of bunching fabric at his ankle, I bet Seb’s inseam is only 30-31 inches as most designer jeans have an inseam length of 33-34.”

Of course all this precious work must be logged down. Look at Kobayashi’s vital statistics:

These are just the most basic measurements, there are a few other technical ones that I won’t get into. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring of an entry. 🙂

Schumacher Isn’t the Only “King” of F1?

13/05/2010 1 comment

As everyone probably already knows, Burger King is a new sponsor for Sauber. But did everyone see the pictures of Kobayashi and Mr. Rogers De la Rosa wearing the paper crowns? The two drivers look slightly embarrassed to be honest (though Kobayashi seems to be enjoying it a little). The crowns remind me of the kids wearing the crowns on their birthday. It seems it’s easier to be a “king of F1” than I thought (though of course, the crowns are merely paper in this case).

Who else hates the “Burger King” mascot/fake king figure? It just looks so cheesy, ugly, and stupid. :/

For those wondering when I’m going to post about Monaco (well, I don’t know how many people actually wonder about it actually): Monaco posts are coming soon… but I have one more old post before I get to the newest material.

Kobayashi Won’t be Left Behind*

Kamui Kobayashi was sporting an army green messenger bag in Melbourne. The bag looks to be a good size, I especially like the long strap. The length of the strap allows the wearer to wear the bag cross-body or on the shoulder. There also appears to be a pair of handles so hand-carry is also an option. I happen to like how Kobayashi is wearing his bag at waist height.

This messenger bag reminds me of nekoball’s bags circa year 2000. But, the military trend has been back for awhile now and an easy way to incorporate that trend is with a bag. With all the drivers carrying a man-bag, I think the question now is… which driver DOESN’T own a man-bag?! 😀

* This might be a statement of the obvious but this post is not about Kobayashi’s performance in Melbourne, as he did not finish the race.

Not Only Limited to Kids

06/03/2010 1 comment

So nekoball showed me this video… and while it is not fashion related, I found it highly amusing. I probably replayed it at least five times in a short period of time. Hah.

Here’s my take on the various driver’s attempts:

Buemi looks like he enjoys this VERY much. He’s a pro.
Rosberg looks a bit embarrassed to be doing this. But, the overall result is good. So he’s in the closet so to speak.
Kobayashi looks wayyy too happy? Haha. Also, rather than sounding like a F1 car, he rather sounds like he’s making an imitation of farting noises…
Massa uses his trade mark “constipated” look whilst sounding like a cat.
Petrov is way off, he’s the worst one. “Wing wingy?” What the heck?
Alguessari is all right… not much to say about it.