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Schumacher Isn’t the Only “King” of F1?

As everyone probably already knows, Burger King is a new sponsor for Sauber. But did everyone see the pictures of Kobayashi and Mr. Rogers De la Rosa wearing the paper crowns? The two drivers look slightly embarrassed to be honest (though Kobayashi seems to be enjoying it a little). The crowns remind me of the kids wearing the crowns on their birthday. It seems it’s easier to be a “king of F1” than I thought (though of course, the crowns are merely paper in this case).

Who else hates the “Burger King” mascot/fake king figure? It just looks so cheesy, ugly, and stupid. :/

For those wondering when I’m going to post about Monaco (well, I don’t know how many people actually wonder about it actually): Monaco posts are coming soon… but I have one more old post before I get to the newest material.

  1. 22/07/2011 at 12:08 pm

    OK,I have a crush for pedro!


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