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17/10/2011 3 comments

Was anyone else appalled at the Korean grid girl uniforms? I’m sure we all remember last year’s Korean gird girl uniform right? If not, please have a look at last year’s post, here. For those that do not want a visual, last year’s uniform featured a “unique” cut out at the waistband which looked suspiciously like a thong. Yes. A thong.

The Korean GP seems to have re-hired the same designer because this year also features innerwear as outerwear. I love asymmetry and all, but 2011’s uniform now has a visible bra. Some of these girls also appear to be wearing ahem.. wonderbras? I guess this outfit is really designed with guys in mind because I do not find this appealing at all!!! There’s a bonus design detail in the form of a red bow on the bodice… is that supposed to make everything better by adding a bit of “cuteness”? Somehow, it just isn’t working!

Last year it was a thong. This year it is a bra. I can’t even imagine what the designer will come up with for 2012. (Hint, please find another designer).

It also seems they have reused the shoes from last year. Take a look:

2010’s shoes:

2011’s shoes:

The only difference is that 2011’s shoes have red soles a la Louboutin. Sorry, Louboutin-esque shoes does not make this uniform any better.

Better luck next year Korea? :/


Say You Love Me

13/10/2011 1 comment

Now here’s an idea for the rabid fans of F1. Proclaim your love for your favorite driver with a tote bag. These two fans apparently love Petrov and Algersuari. Good choices ladies! The Petrov fan better watch out though… he moonlights as a serial killer I hear! Although I have nothing against certain drivers, I would probably do a double take if someone was sporting a “I Love Barrichello” or “I Love Liuzzi” tote. =X

Would you like strangers to know who your favorite driver is? Whose name would you want on your bag? Perhaps a name isn’t good enough… a photo is worth a thousand words after all:

A Red Bull Bromance

13/10/2011 2 comments

How sweet~ Nothing like a F1 bromance to get the fans excited eh? So the question that comes to mind is: Is Vettel whispering sweet nothings in DC’s ear? Or is he going in for the kill? 😉

DC is looking like he’s enjoying this a lil too much though. =X

Just kidding. I couldn’t resist… after all I read a lot of manga. 😛

Button beats his teammate …

03/10/2011 4 comments

No, no. I’m not talking about the F1 Championship points. As on thepitwalk, it’s something else entirely!

Well, I enjoy McLaren’s Top Model Challenges very much… in fact… I might be the only person to have ever heard of it. Perhaps some of my blog readers remember what this is too (hint: top model tag). For those who are confused, here is a short explanation: Hamilton is a photogenic driver, often posing quite dramatically (even bordering on the EMO side) in front of the Vodafone logo. Granted, most of Hamilton’s posing in the garage is not intentional… but it’s more fun to turn it into an episode of Top Model with Button as Hamilton’s direct competition. 😛

Apparently Button has not only beaten his Top Model teammate Hamilton, but a slew of other Britain’s finest men. Button was voted “Best Looking Man” in a women’s survey. For further details see the original article here

Interesting. I admit Hamilton’s New Look is not doing him any favors this year. His status as the Top Model of McLaren may be in danger. That facial hair stripe has definitely got to go:

Perhaps this win has Button confused as well?

So tell me dear readers. Do you agree with those 1500 women in the survey? Is Button indeed the best looking man in Britain? I think not… but apparently many think otherwise. 😉