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Corporate McLaren Won’t Keep John Button Down

I had thought that McLaren had tamed John Button. This doesn’t seem to be the case as John Button was recently photographed with Jessica Michibata with multiple shirt buttons undone. >_<

Oh, my eyes. Please McLaren, tell John Button this is not a good look. No one wants to see his leather-like-reddened-sun-damaged chest!!! In fact, it sort of makes me want to dig out my eyes when I see it.

I would have posted a picture of John Button on race day since he brought his "lovely" pink shirt back into rotation (again, with multiple buttons undone), but I couldn't find one. ~_~ Perhaps I should start a count for the number of times John Button will wear that pink shirt. Inquiring minds want to know, right? OK, maybe I'm the only one who wants to keep track of how many times he will wear the damn shirt.

Please John… use your shirt buttons, it will make me feel better, especially since you are on camera a lot! As for McLaren, please tell Mr. Button that wearing his shirt like this is not flattering for him nor McLaren's corporate image. 😛 Or maybe Anthony Hamilton needs to return to the garage to show John Button some appropriate ways to dress. =x

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