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Freaky Paella

I love paella… but this one is just freaky looking. I’m pretty sure that’s Mr. Rogers (aka Pedro De la Rosa) on there.

How weird… it would sort of feel like cannibalism or something?

Schumacher Isn’t the Only “King” of F1?

13/05/2010 1 comment

As everyone probably already knows, Burger King is a new sponsor for Sauber. But did everyone see the pictures of Kobayashi and Mr. Rogers De la Rosa wearing the paper crowns? The two drivers look slightly embarrassed to be honest (though Kobayashi seems to be enjoying it a little). The crowns remind me of the kids wearing the crowns on their birthday. It seems it’s easier to be a “king of F1” than I thought (though of course, the crowns are merely paper in this case).

Who else hates the “Burger King” mascot/fake king figure? It just looks so cheesy, ugly, and stupid. :/

For those wondering when I’m going to post about Monaco (well, I don’t know how many people actually wonder about it actually): Monaco posts are coming soon… but I have one more old post before I get to the newest material.

Vettel… Not a Cut Above the Rest?

07/05/2010 5 comments

Has anyone ever wondered what Vettel would look like in five or ten years? I would probably guess “no” because Vettel is such a young driver. Well, maybe some female fans might imagine themselves married to him in five years or something. In any case, I have never wondered such a thing… but now… I don’t have to.

Vettel has aged himself with his new haircut. It’s not really a bad haircut per se… but he looks older than his age now. This haircut makes it look like Vettel is starting to bald (i.e. receding hairline). It might be somewhat of an optical illusion due to Vettel’s wavy hair, but I made sure to look at various photos… and even if Vettel’s hairline is not receding, he still looks old in my eyes.

Vettel should see a new hair stylist (or barber, etc)… this is not a good look. Even the most un-vain person would not want to look older than their real age. Oh well… hair does regrow and he will probably let it get all shaggy and long again.

Apparently I’m not the only one concerned about Vettel’s hair. Alonso appears to be checking it out in disbelief. I wonder if Wolf Man Alguersuari and Mr. Rogers De la Rosa are having the following conversation:

JA: So you see, you don’t look so old after all!
PDLR: Oooh, no way. Don’t joke like that.
JA: No really, Vettel looks old now too.
PDLR: Awww thanks Jaime…HEEHEEHEE.

Mr. De la rosa Rogers’ Neighborhood

Why is it that Pedro De la rosa looks so old? He isn’t even the oldest driver on the track!!! I mean… Barichello is old… but I don’t think “Wow he looks OOOOLD.” But for some reason, when I look at De la rosa, I just think “Hello there old man.” De la rosa’s look is reminiscent of a stereotypical TV sitcom school principal… or Mr. Rogers* of PBS’ Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood fame.

* This comparison was originally made by nekoball… and yes… I thought it was just too good.